Dons DJs Dubai

He spends most of his time flitting between his homes in New York and Germany, but what else does he get up to?

Tell us about the last…

…time you felt nervous.
I was extremely nervous for my first-ever clubbing DJ gig. I couldn’t breathe, walk or touch anything because I was shaking so much.

…time you DJed using a vinyl record rather than a CD.
That was about three years ago. I’m a manic collector of records, but CDs are much more convenient. I’m not a fan of DJs using laptops – they look like they’re checking e-mails on stage. I might reconsider in a couple of years, but I think that DJing is a performance and a lot of people want to see what you are doing. With vinyl it’s very obvious – you put a record
on then scratch it or mix it. With CDs you can still see that. But with a computer you are looking at a screen. Nobody knows whether it is a pre-programmed or whether it is really live and interacting with the audience. I think I like it better when I use CDs.

…time you did something crazy.
People around me always tell me I’m crazy, so obviously everything I do must also be crazy. Once I was at a gig in Poland and I wanted to get to my hotel room as fast as possible to escape something bad. I was being driven to the hotel and, because I was a little drunk, I thought I could run faster than the car. I opened the door and jumped out, hoping to hit the entrance of the hotel – but all I hit was my head on the curb. I broke my nose and was pretty beaten up.

…nutty fan you encountered.
That was the reason why I was rushing off in the car in Poland!

…time you had a weird experience.
When I was eight I went swimming. For some reason I couldn’t swim anymore and I drowned. I started off panicking, but then I was overcome by a feeling of quiet and silence as I sank to the floor. The next thing
I knew, someone was sitting on me, pressing my chest and getting the water out of my lungs. I was awake, but I thought that I was dead.

…time you felt more like a New Yorker than a German.
It happened last weekend. I’d just got back to New York and I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car home. When I woke up and I felt like I was entering my German apartment. I was completely lost and confused. I feel at home in Hamburg, where I’m living, but I feel just as comfortable in New York – though Hamburg is more relaxing. But where I feel home most is the south of France. I spent most of my time as a child there. If I didn’t have my business in New York and Hamburg I would move there for sure.

Dons plays Quantum, July 10.

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