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Kasis’s Eroll Relleve talks about Nirvana, positive rock and covering George Michael

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‘Kasis’ comes from the Filipino term ‘kasi kasi’ – that means blood compact, or agreement. We have all have agreed to compose and play songs for every-one. It’s like a brotherhood. We started in May 2008, which is when we wrote our first piece, a Filipino song called ‘Sa Dati’. It’s a love ballad with a little taste of rock.

Our music is inspired by many things. There’s the grunge and alternative music from the early ’90s, like Nirvana and Bush. They are a big influence because that’s the period in which we were all learning our instruments. And there are touches of blues and jazz, and some old-school rock like The Beatles, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix.

Our songs are all based on our experiences, and we think that this gives a lot of strength to our music. By listening to our music they will be able to realise life is not always a burden. Although our music is rock, the message is positive. It’s not that hardcore; it’s very catchy music. We think that many people will appreciate our music because it reflects people – all of them, all of us.

If we were to hold a music festival and could invite anyone, we would invite The Dave Matthews Band because our music is very similar, and the Danish hard rock band Black Rose, although they would probably be put in prison if they tried to go through customs. And there would be The Beatles, The Doors and Nirvana, of course. I would also like The Rolling Stones to play there.

Our most memorable gig was the first one we did. We were very nervous and very excited because we didn’t know how they would receive us, especially when we covered George Michael’s‘ Careless Whispers’. But they were very positive and yelled and cheered. Ultimately, we plan to play this as long as we can. We’re planning to improve our music and compose more good songs that people will appreciate. We plan to be famous if God will allow it. Nothing is impossible.

I like to imagine our last gig will be a stadium concert with about a million people inside, and famous people from all over the world watching. Maybe leaders from the UAE, the USA and the UK. Maybe the Pope too. I like to imagine that even if they think differently, they will sit beside each other to listen to our music. I would like it to be a peace concert for everybody. They will forget their conflicts just to hear the music. It’s a very weird idea for a last gig, but maybe it will happen some day. Maybe not us, but I like to think some famous band will make it happen.

Kasis play Ratsky’s (Deira), July 17

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