He’s one of the world’s biggest trance DJs – but how many of the following are true?

a) Andy’s musical career began when he was five when he learned his first piano piece. By 11, he’d mastered six musical instruments and at 13 he span his first record.

b) Andy’s had a pretty successful career – he won best trance producer and best trance track at the 2004 Dance Music Awards, best dance record at the 2006 international music awards and a Grammy nomination last year. He was voted the 18th best DJ in the world in last year’s DJ Mag poll.

c) Because he comes from a mirror universe Andy Moor’s digestive system works in reverse. This is even more disgusting than it sounds.

d) Andy became heir to a kindly billionaire’s fortune when he was 23, but was told that he could only receive the money if he spent a night in the billionaire’s haunted mansion, which was built 100 years ago to that very day on a cemetery full of murder victims. Luckily, ghosts don’t exist.

e) His international performances mean that Andy racks up a cool 500,000 air miles a year. We don’t know what he spends them on, though. You could probably buy Christian Bale for that. Or half a dozen interesting actors.

f) Andy Moor has many party tricks, of which the most popular is his ability to turn his face completely inside out.

g) Though he’s best known as a trance DJ Andy’s not afraid to mix on progressive styles and open the music up to a wider audience – and he feels that it works the other way too. ‘I have always loved to listen to trance but in the past it has sometimes been a bit too blinkered and [only interests] trance fans,’ he told Trackitdown website last year. ‘Now that melodies and other trance elements have become part of so many other styles it has been so exciting, allowing a wide range of people to enjoy it, making it exciting to play out and to listen to.’

h) Chronological error: Andy Moor will not be born until 2010.

Answers a) fact, b) fact, c) anti-fact: it’s actually quite attractive, d) anti-fact: the mansion was built on an old McDonald’s restaurant, e) fact, f) anti-fact: that’s his only party trick, g) fact, h) anti-fact: he was born last September.

Andy Moor plays Massive at Quantum, August 7.

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