New 'secret' bar to open in Dubai car park

Time Out Dubai announces a new 'secret' bar to open in Dubai car park, a speakeasy in Dubai from the group behind

We all love stumbling across somewhere, taking a chance and discovering an absolute gem of a restaurant, bar or even quiet place to relax.

Of course, Time Out does its best to uncover all the little secrets Dubai's entertainment scene has to offer, but sometimes we like to make you work for it. And that's why we're only telling you a tiny little part of a big secret, because half the fun of this one is the discovery.

And that is, that very soon, a car park somewhere in the emirate will become one of the coolest places to be seen. Yes, you read that right, a car park. But don't worry, you won't need a Ferrari to take up residence at this party.

Opening at the end of February, new bar HOBO is picking up the baton of speakeasy bars in Dubai, hot on the heels of Nippon Bottle Company and R Traders. Located, genuinely, in an inoccuous, unmarked multi-storey car park on Sheikh Zayed Road, it hopes to attract the creative class of the emirate.

Time Out have been granted special access to the venue on the proviso that we keep schtum about its exact location. But what we can tell you is
capacity is limited to 100 people, and there will be a strict no photo policy. With a heavy nod to the past - the cool kind, not the flares and perms of the 1970s and 1980s - DJs will spin only vinyl.

Ok, so where is it? As promised, we can't tell you exactly, but we can reveal the group behind the exciting new venture are also resopnsible for popular restaurants Toko and Novikov, as well as clubs VIP Room and Movida; HOBO is very close to one of those.

Oh, and if you want in, better clear your schedule for late Monday, because HOBO is only open from 11pm-3am once a week. Well, at least that gives you time to investigate.

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