New “super-venue”, Base, arriving soon

Open-air venue in d3 promises the world’s greatest DJs


A new nightlife mega-venue is getting ready to open its doors in Dubai, down in d3.

Base, a venue promising huge capacity combined with five-star hospitality, is set up to be a fusion of an open-air concert hall, mixed with the intimacy of a lounge club.

The company behind Base, Bulldozer Group, is thinking big. Very big. The venue is being described as a multi-tiered, adaptable arena, akin to a boutique festival, all taking place under the stars.

According to Bulldozer, Base guests can indulge in a hedonistic experience, with the venue providing oversized table seating around the perimeter, the like of which it claims has only ever been seen in Las Vegas or Ibiza.

The comparison with Ibiza speaks volumes. This isn’t going to be a quiet, easy going sort of place. The list of artists being touted for headline DJ sets is prestigious and vast, and includes the likes of Calvin Harris, 50Cent, Justice, Pharrell and Wiz Khalifa, and we’ve omitted plenty more here.

If Base is able to pull in names of this calibre, Dubai is going to be looking at what could turn out to be the brightest new venue to hit the city in years.

Base will open its doors with a series of gigs in the last week of April to showcase the venue before summer kicks in, at which point it will quieten down significantly while temperatures soar.

For now, information on the ground is minimal, but you can check out a teaser campaign on or Facebook here:

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