Bongo’s Bingo bounces into Dubai

Bingo rave night comes to town after massive UK success


It’s bingo, but not as you know it.

On Thursday April 20, sensational underground bingo show Bongo’s Bingo is rolling into Media One Hotel in Media City. Forget your blue rinse, bingo wings and pocket full of boiled sweets, this is bingo for party animals.

Honestly, it looks crazy. Somewhere between bingo, a night at the darts and a full on rave, maybe with a bit of Cirque Le Soire chucked in there too. We’re not totally sure how bingo is meant to be made cool, but the event has toured around the UK, creating a massive buzz along the way – so we’re getting excited.

Expect live music and DJs, fierce head-to-head battle of the bingo, some downright bizarre costumes, dancers, lasers, confetti, possibly pyrotechnics - the works.

It’s coming to Media One’s ON42 bar on April 20, and will be a monthly thing. We. Can’t. Wait.

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