Six family-friendly Halloween Brunches to try in DubaiKelly Johnstone, 17 Oct 2019 05:16:51 +0400WALDORF ASTORIA DUBAI PALM JUMEIRAH
Dubai's little monsters will have loads of frightening fun at this spooky family-friendly Halloween brunch where kids are being encourage to throw themselves into the spirit of Halloween. All little monsters, wizards, witches and ghosts – or any other ghoulish creature for that matter – are invited to head along dressed to scare. Mums and dads can get in on the creepy act as well. It’s worth making a gruesome effort as families turning up kitted out in terrifying costumes get 25 percent off their bill. A magician is also on hand to amaze little diners with some mesmerising tricks.
Free (kids under six), Dhs188 (kids six-12), Dhs375 (soft beverages), Dhs495 (premium beverages). Fri Oct 25 1pm-4pm. Mezzerie, Crescent Road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, (04 818 2222).

Mini ghouls and tiny goblins can sink their fangs into a special spooky version of the much-loved Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate’s Friday brunch on Friday November 1. As well as all the usual activities for kids including face-painting, arts and crafts and a bouncy castle, little brunchers can dress up in their very scariest costumes. And parents it’s worth making an effort to get dressed up in a creepy outfit yourselves as the best dressed family stands a chance of winning a free brunch on their next visit.
Free (kids one-five), Dhs148 (kids six-12), from Dhs295. Fri 1 Nov 12.30pm-4pm. Al Bahou, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, (04 444 0000).

Grab the little monsters for a Friday feast with a dark twist. The hotel’s Yalumba restaurant is transforming into Halloween spookiness with haunted eats and drinks, not to mention heaps of ghastly tricks and treats including a create your own cupcake counter and a make your own pizza zone.
Free (kids 12 and under), Dhs119. Fri Nov 1 12.30pm-3.30pm. Yalumba, Airport Road, Dubai, (04 602 9323).

Family-favourite brunch destination BFF is inviting spookily turned out boys and girls to join in the terrifying fun on Friday November 1. As well as the venue being kitted out in a suitably spooky manner there are plenty of eerie events and alarming activities to keep the little ones occuppied. There are also a heap of prizes up for grabs for the most spooktacularly dressed kids.
Free (kids under six), Dhs50 (kids six-11), Dhs150 (kids 12 and over), Dhs150 (soft drinks), Dhs260 (house beverages), Dhs350 (premium beverages), Dhs420 (bubbly). Fri Nov 1 1pm-4pm. Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate, Jebel Ali, Dubai, (052 177 7541).

Jelly spiders, grisly fingers and eyeballs are just some of the gruesome dishes being served up at the QE2’s Halloween brunch, which also gives kids (and adults should they wish) the chance to win prizes for being the most spookily-dressed. The haunted ghost hall has loads of activities and games to keep little ones occupied, or for an additional Dhs55 per child they can take part in the haunted tour below decks.
Dhs225 (soft drinks), Dhs395 (house beverages), Dhs95 (kids under 12). Fri Nov 1 1pm-4pm. Lido, Port Rashid, Dubai, (04 526 8811).

It’s not just the perfectly-positioned at the edge of the polo field restaurant, Rare, that is kitted out with Halloween décor, but the staff are getting into the spirit too. Themed desserts galore – from monster doughnuts and chocolate broomsticks to witch’s hat brownie pops, creepy-eyed chocolate mousse and red velvet brain cake provide the perfect scary sweet for the kids.
Dhs275 (soft drinks), Dhs350 (house beverages), Dhs150 (kids five-11). Fri Nov 1 1pm-4pm. Rare, Al Awir Rd, Dubai, (04 602 9323).

Get three months free on the UAE KidZania annual passKelly Johnstone, 17 Oct 2019 05:07:54 +0400If you buy your KidZania annual pass before Thursday October 31 you will get three months extra absolutely free.

Just in time for the start of 2020, the activity-packed edutainment centre is offering 15 months for the price of 12 months on its annual pass - which means 12 weeks more role play fun for little ones.

Buy the annual pass before Thursday October 31 and entry to KidZania is covered for the rest of the year as well as all of next for both the Abu Dhabi venue at Yas Mall or the Dubai version, which is located at The Dubai Mall.

As well as unlimited access to KidZania Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there are also a slew of other benefits to enjoy with the pass including a Free PaZZport, free kidZos on the first visit and great discounts on retail in the park.
Dhs950 (annual pass for 15 months when purchased before Oct 31). Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi and The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai,

Five tips for stress-free family travel this half termKelly Johnstone, 16 Oct 2019 10:36:39 +0400Enjoy a hassle-free family holiday that everyone will enjoy.

It seems like they've only been back at school for a second, but half term is already just around the corner. Make your family escape more fun, less stress with these top tips.

Keep it close to home
A holiday away with the family doesn’t always have to involve airports, flights and luggage that’s full to the brim – keep it simple. There are a whole host of family-friendly destinations right on your doorstep. So, cut down on the journey time and stay closer to home.

Don't break the bank
There are plenty of great value holiday options out there specifically for families that won’t require re-mortgaging the house! All you have to do is shop around online. There are plenty of options for kids to stay and eat for free, plus all-inclusive and half-board options that might keep the bill down.

Parents, you're important too
Resist the temptation to plan every day from dawn to dusk or you’ll end up needing a holiday after your holiday. It’s been a full-on first half of term leaving everyone exhausted. Make sure you leave some time for some family relaxation. Find a hotel with a kids’ club, and book yourself in for a sneaky treatment at the spa – you’re worth it.

Have fun
Enjoy the moment and go with a flow. Don’t get stressed trying to make everything perfect, Instead focus on reconnecting as a family. Sometimes the best parts of a holiday are the unplanned ones!

Happy kids (happy parents)
For parents to have a good break, the kids need to be occupied! Find a hotel that really caters to what kids want. The Holiday Inn offers a kid-friendly programme called Little Big Travellers where the smallest holidaymakers can enjoy some serious VIP treatment including free stays and free meals – that they can order from their own special menu whenever their tummies are rumbling, day or night. Plus the KidSuites offer a separate kids’ area (Jungle or pirate themed) with bunk beds, a toy box, a flat screen TV with DVD player, Xbox 360 and a selection of DVDs. Now, that’s what we're talking about!
For more information visit (800 017 0050).

How to find the perfect secondary school for your child in the UAE, 16 Oct 2019 05:50:27 +0400When you first hold your tiny, perfect newborn in your arms, thoughts of anything beyond having an infant feel like a lifetime away. But every parent knows that time goes frighteningly quickly and before long they are crawling, saying their first word, toddling off to nursery, being brave on their first day of school, bringing home homework, joining school sports teams and then, before you know it, they are starting the first day of their last year in primary education.

It’s a heart-wrenching time for parents in many ways. The teenage years are looming and with that, the bittersweet threat of them starting to become their own person, to be more self-sufficient and utlimately, to need Mum and Dad less.

There are of course things for which they do still need your help and one of those is helping them to decide where the next stage of their educational career is going to take them.

“It’s important that parents look at secondary schools while keeping the end in mind – once in high school, students need to be thinking about colleges and universities. If they have a preference for a particular college, country or subject, they need to work with the college counsellor to ensure that the pre-requisites for this will be covered at the school,” says Linda Winch, head of upper school at Dwight School Dubai.

So what sorts of questions should parents be asking when they have a look around an institution? Winch suggests that: “they should ask about the vision and mission of the school to find out what sets this school apart from others and to discover how a particular school matches the ambitions, interests and aptitudes of their own child.”

“The size of a school is also important, will a large school or a smaller one suit their child and their learning style? Class size and teacher ratio is also key, as is looking at how the school practices differentiation and inclusion.” Winch explains.

Barry Cooper, deputy head academic at Brighton College Dubai adds that it is “important to meet as many teachers as possible, to find out if they are settled in Dubai. Do they excite you when you talk to them? Are they passionate about what they do? As much as we may focus on facilities, without inspirational teachers the experience at school will be flat and unengaging.”

“What does the school look for in good teachers? How do they bring Arabic into the whole school curriculum? Does the school have a focus on cultural education? I would also ask about what the school’s policy is on phones and other distractions. At Brighton College Dubai we forbid personal phones during school hours and also ban designer items,” Cooper says.

As a parent it’s important to recognise that the transition from primary to secondary is a huge change in your child’s life that may come with a bit of stress and some anxiety.

“Most schools will have orientation and induction programmes in place before the official school year starts, this should be something the parents enquire about. They should find out about the pastoral care, counselling and advisory programmes available at the school,” says Winch.
Cooper adds: “You should be asking your children as many questions as you can. Be excited about their new journey and get them excited. The more you engage, the more they will consider what is different and what is the same. Talking about those differences helps young people to identify where they may feel anxious and more importantly, why.”

And at the end of the day, “every child is different so a school that is right for one may not be right for another,” states Cooper.

Tweenagers they may be, but the truth is, they still need to hold your hand for the big decisions – so make the most of it...

Alex Sheehan, mum to Ruby, 14 and Ralph, 10

“When it came to choosing a secondary school for our eldest, academic credentials were the primary driver, but a shared cultural understanding, a sense of community, and a solid ethical backbone were also important. And of course, we also wanted a school that she’d be happy to turn up to every day. We wanted a place with a proven track record and somewhere with a reputation for delivering - past results and league tables were a good starting point for this, as was word of mouth. For my daughter, it was all about where her friends were going, and while it’s easy to dismiss this as trivial, there’s actually a huge value in them being socially comfortable and it certainly makes for a much softer landing in secondary school.”

Natalie Gregory, mum to twins Cai and Steffan, 12 and Neave, 8
“The curriculum, extra-curricular programme, facilities, examination pass rates, general feel of the school and the teachers (it’s encouraging to know that staff have been there for some time) were the deciding factors for me. I helped my kids make the transition from primary to secondary by discussing the changes that would have a positive impact on them, things that they would feel excited about. It’s important to make them aware of things that will be slightly daunting (at first) but reassure them that with time (a week or two) everything will settle down and fall into place. A happy child is a productive one.”

What to expect from the new RPG Indivisible, 17 Oct 2019 12:00:24 +0400When Studio Trigger, the anime company behind the stupendous marvel of action that is Kill la Kill, creates a special opening for a combat-heavy RPG game, our palms gripped our controllers more tightly than ever before. This is a turn-based RPG though, so our hands eventually eased off as we progressed through Indivisible’s 30-hour campaign. But that doesn’t mean our eyes weren’t peeled to the fantastically vibrant colours, smooth animations and mechanics in this engaging, instant indie classic.

Developer Lab Zero Games isn’t here to just boast about its arty style and hugely satisfying number-induced fights though, as Indivisible’s Metroidvania-styled 2D platforming offers just the same fun. Players will be exploring ancient jungle temples, floating pools of water and sticking to walls with satisfying tools like the axe (play it, and you’ll understand said satisfaction), and avoiding spikes via bow and grapple hook.

It’s by no means groundbreaking, but throwing in an engaging element that isn’t even the main part of Indivisible is baffling, and very much more than welcome.

It fits with the flow of progression, as players will want to hurdle over areas to kick off the next fight as soon as possible. Starting with our fiery protagonist Ajna, players will find other quirky characters along the story to form a party – standard RPG format. But each character is a treat (and sometimes hilarious) to see, from the swashbuckling queen of pirates BaoZhai, who uses coins and chests to attack foes, to a dog who damages enemies by barking. Each character is mapped to one button, meaning players can either use just one character, or tactically mix ’n’ match to perform different combinations.

Difficulty spikes are a shame, as some foes can feel ‘grindy’, while others hit you out of nowhere. All in all though, it’s the action-RPG you’ve been waiting for.
Available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Action-heavy indie RPG with a lot of heart and even more punch

Fast-paced controls and an engrossing story make this indie treat a must-try

The best Halloween treats for kids in Dubai, 15 Oct 2019 10:08:01 +0400T’is the season to be scary. You are allowed to eat as many sweets and as much chocolate as is physically possible, without being sick. With that in mind we’ve scoured the nation to bring you and your little ghouls, vampires and witches some of the most frighteningly tasty treats to add to your Halloween menu.

For little ones with a sweet tooth – and let’s face it, that’s most of them – a waffle is the very best start to the day. Throw a terrifying twist on that and Halloween breakfast is sorted. To mark the spookiest holiday of the year, all-day eatery eggspectation is serving up a free cocoa waffle for kids under 12 years. The caramel sauce and dollop of creamy orange-coloured mascarpone are to die for.
Thu Oct 31, 7am-midnight. The Beach JBR, City Walk and Sharjah,

Family-favourite brunch destination BFF is inviting spookily turned out boys and girls to join in the terrifying fun on Friday November 1.
As well as the venue being kitted out in a suitably spooky manner there are plenty of eerie events and alarming activities to keep the little ones occuppied. There are also a heap of prizes up for grabs for the most spooktacularly dressed kids.
Free (kids under six), Dhs50 (kids six-11), Dhs150 (kids 12 and over), Dhs150 (soft drinks), Dhs260 (house beverages), Dhs350 (premium beverages), Dhs420 (bubbly). 1pm-4pm Fri Nov 1. Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate, Jebel Ali, Dubai, (052 177 7541).

Halloween simply isn’t Halloween without a carved pumpkin so listen up trick-or-treaters! Get your hands on the juiciest, scariest pumpkins around courtesy of Kibsons – ideal for decorating your front porch. A variety of sizes, shapes and even colours – we like the one with green nodules that look like warts, known as the Minion pumpkin – are available to order online at Kibsons before the clock strikes midnight on Saturday October 12.
From Dhs7 (small pumpkins),

The Edge is set for a night of frights with a collection of spooktacularly delicious dishes. On Halloween night, families and their mini monsters can devour a meaty barbecue feast, and deliciously sinister desserts while live music provides a ghoulish ambiance. A special kids’ play area complete with bouncy castle, will keep little wizards and witches happy.
Dhs250 (house beverages), Dhs125 (kids four-11). 7pm-10pm Thu Oct 31. The Edge, Atlantis The Palm, (04 426 2626).

Jelly spiders, grisly fingers and eyeballs are just some of the gruesome dishes being served up at the QE2’s Halloween brunch, which also gives kids (and adults should they wish) the chance to win prizes for being the most spookily-dressed. The haunted ghost hall has loads of activities and games to keep little ones occupied, or for an additional Dhs55 per child they can take part in the haunted tour below decks. 
Dhs225 (soft drinks), Dhs395 (house beverages), Dhs95 (kids under 12). Fri Nov 1. Lido 1pm-4pm, QE2, Port Rashid, (04 526 8811).

It’s not just the perfectly-positioned at the edge of the polo field restaurant, Rare, that is kitted out with Halloween décor, but the staff are getting into the spirit too. Themed desserts galore – from monster doughnuts and chocolate broomsticks to witch’s hat brownie pops, creepy-eyed chocolate mousse and red velvet brain cake provide the perfect scary sweet for the kids.
Dhs275 (soft drinks), Dhs350 (house beverages), Dhs150 (kids five-11). Fri Nov 1 1pm-4pm. Rare, Melia Desert Palm, Al Awir Rd, (04 602 9323).


Satiate those sweet fangs with one of these cute, spooky baked treats courtesy of Sugar Moo Desserts. The cute spiderweb cookies and colourful eye-see you truffles are the perfect afternoon snack and the naughty tall peek-a-boo chocolate cake will have little ones screaming – with delight.
From Dhs18, (800 78427).


Petrifying pastries and dastardly deserts… Not really. These sweet treats from Pastels Cakes are more cute than creepy. From cupcakes to custom made cakes, the baking specialists are whipping up a gorgeous collection of Halloween deserts designed to wow. We love the little bat cupcakes and the friendly pumpkin cake. Only issue is that they look too good to eat – but we know they taste delicious so we’ll force ourselves.
Sun-Thu 11am-10.30pm, Fri & Sat 11am-2.30am. 40-minute delivery across Dubai, Nahda, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. 24 hour pre-order for Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and Ajman.

Get fit at Air Maniax, 15 Oct 2019 10:08:01 +0400Istead of them bouncing off the walls at home (and in turn driving you up the wall), let them bounce of the walls (they are soft and cushioned so don’t worry) at Dubai’s newest multi-activity play area, Air Maniax.

Kids of all ages from high-energy tots to fitness-obsessed teens love this inflatable arena in Al Quoz. Spanning over 23,000 square feett and consisting of more than 15 indoor activities, across six distinct zones this is serious family fun – even Mum and Dad can get in on the jumping action.

Older kids will be able to challenge themselves on the Warrior Assault obstacle course. Colour-coded sensory-activated wristbands add to the fun and allow friends to compete against each other, win points, record scores and instantly share their experiences on their social media channels.

A dedicated zone for younger bouncers aged between two and four years gives energetic toddlers access to their own mini obstacle course, designed to promote coordination, balance, fitness and mobility.

Ride the Zigzag zipline, if you dare! A series of twists, turns and spins whizzes you over the heads of bouncers far below – not for the faint-hearted. Lazer Frenzy is a fully-immersive, high-tech laser game – try to hit the flashing targets without accidentally hitting the green lasers, made all the more tricky thanks to the smoke and mirrors.

Whilst all of this is undeniably fun, there is a deeper underlying message that Air Maniax is hoping to convey.

“Unfortunately we live in an era in which children prefer to play on their iPads, consoles and computers than release physical energy through exercise and an active lifestyle. The UAE has acknowledged an issue with obesity and diabetes, which is prevalent not only among adults, but a concern for children as well,” says Lynne Klein, operations director at Air Maniax.

“Air Maniax is designed so that both children and adults can enjoy a healthy, physical workout, while at the same time having lots of fun – it’s essentially a detox from gaming,” Klein adds.

And it is with that ethos in mind that Klein outlines the plans Air Maniax has to introduce specialised exercise classes for kids.

“Exercise is crucial to any child’s development, but so is using their brains and encouraging learning in a non-academic environment. We will be starting boxing classes – and art classes too – but with a special twist.”

And what is Klein’s favourite adrenalin-filled activity at Air Maniax?

“Now that’s a difficult question to answer,” she says.

“The park has been designed so that each section has its own unique characteristics. If I was forced to choose then it would have to be the zip line, that’s my favourite, because unlike the conventional zip lines your body is thrown in all directions making for an incredible experience and sensations that are both extraordinary and incredible.”

And giving Time Out Kids an exclusive ‘watch this space’, Klein tells us: “Air Maniax is heading to Abu Dhabi very soon, plus there is a new concept coming to Dubai. Unfortunately I can’t say much about it at the moment, but I can say that it will be in Dubai and it will be ready very soon,” Klein teases.

You heard it here first…
From Dhs80 (general access). Sat-Wed 10am-7pm, Thu 10am-9pm, Fri 9am-9pm. Street 1, Al Quoz 1, (04 348 8981).

Have fun and keep fit at…

Sky Zone
Relatively new to the local play area scene having only opened in June this year, Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park with 15 different attractions including Wipe Out, Warrior Courses, ziplines and a dedicated toddler area.
From Dhs105 (60 minutes). Sun-Wed 10am-10pm, Thu-Fri 10am-midnight. Persia Court, Ibn Battuta Mall, (800 759 9663).

Billed as one of the most effective exercises you can do – a study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes of bouncing is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running - trampolining is a low-impact workout that tones muscles and improves coordination. Where better to test the theory than at BOUNCE?
From Dhs75 (60 minutes). Sun-Wed 10am-10pm, Thu 10am-12am, Fri 9am-12am, Sat 9am-9pm. Al Quoz, Dubai, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, Remal Mall, Al Ain, (04 321 1400).

Things to watch with the family this Halloween, 13 Oct 2019 09:51:43 +0400There’s nothing better than a family movie night, except perhaps a seasonal family movie night.

Here are our pick of must-see Netflix shows and films that will have everyone hiding behind the cushions.

Creeped Out
Season 2

A masked figure known as The Curious who appears at the beginning and end of each episode and collects stories of dark magic, otherworldly encounters and twisted technology in this kids’ anthology series.

My Babysitter’s
A Vampire

The film centres on a group of teenagers, one of them a vampire, unwittingly hired by a couple to babysit their daughter in lieu of their untrustworthy son, and their efforts to foil a plot to resurrect a cult of dead vampires.

Super Monsters
Season 3

Six preschool kids whose parents are the world’s most famous monsters – including Frakenstein, witches, werewolves and vampires – try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten.


A doctor who specialises in ghosts is hired by an heiress to rid a mansion of spirits, but his daughter (played by Christina Ricci) befriends a friendly ghost that lives there with his menacing uncles.

The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-ween

When Halloween is declared illegal and Melvin attempts to cancel it, best friends Harold and George search for a clever way to fight back against the outrageous new law and end up creating their own spooky holiday.

Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween

It’s Vida’s first Halloween at Pitchfork Pines and she’s nervous. But the Super Monsters share their Halloween traditions with her, then get invited to a Día de los Muertos party in the Howlers’ backyard.

Preview: The Outer WorldsDarragh Murphy, 15 Oct 2019 05:20:39 +0400Remember the roving gang of old ladies, sporting pink summer dresses and rolling pins that chase after you in Fallout: New Vegas? Rex the doggo who needs a new brain and you get to pick which one he gets? Or how about the guy from the secret White Glove Society who serves everyone human meat in the mission fittingly named ‘Beyond the Beef’? Ah, the good ol’ wacky missions.

The developers at Obsidian Entertainment clearly had a wild time coming up with morally challenging yet insanely quirky scenarios, albeit a tad constrained thanks to publisher Bethesda’s firm leash on the Fallout franchise.

Well, that tether has long been severed, giving Obsidian full reign over its soon-to-be released The Outer Worlds – launching players to the outskirts of space, where mischief, mayhem and a whole lot of hilarious idiocy await.

That being said, gamers can expect the very same style of quirkiness, coupled along with the more tactical first person shooting gameplay and RPG elements of Fallout – a little too on the nose at times. Armour and equipment are set to individual limbs, from helmets to body suits (which means an array of deep customisation to play around with), while gamers invest skill points to their characters varied personality traits, including leadership skills and even making them lovably dumb (because why not?).

Obsidian even has its own take on Fallout 3’s VATS System, this time named ‘Tactical Time Dilation’. Unlike VATS, time doesn’t come to a complete halt, but rather slows down so players can pinpoint enemies’ critical weak points, to either hinder their movements by shooting off a robots leg or concussing an for with a well-timed headshot. While combat hardly seems like a challenge, being able to be creative in action like in Fallout is nostalgic bliss.

The Outer Worlds doesn’t stray far from its roots, but we’re not complaining. 
Available October 25 on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

The tactical action RPG spiritual successor of Fallout: New space

For the expansive storylines and being able to make your character mute

Watch a family film at Kite BeachKelly Johnstone, 14 Oct 2019 11:13:58 +0400Grab the crew and head to Kite Beach to watch a family-friendly film at the new temporary cinema.

Between Thursday October 24 and Friday November 8 you can enjoy a movie night with the fam at the beach.

Little movie buffs will love the new pop-up cinema at Kite Beach where they can watch all of their favourite characters on the big screen.

Mini movie-goers can snuggle down with mum and dad to watch some all-time family favourites, including a number of Disney cartoons.

The youngest family members will love watching Woody and Buzz get up to mischief in Toy Story, can sing along to Maui's "You're Welcome" in Moana, chuckle along with the naughty yellow Minions in Despicable Me or be inspired by Po in Kung Fu Panda.

For older cinema-goers everyone's favourite young wizard and his two best friends will be starting their school life and wizarding education at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Or they might fancy Jumanji, an exciting adventure about a family who get sucked into a board game.

Sponge Bob and Garfield complete the stellar movie line-up.

And best of all, the experience is absolutely free when your spend Dhs30 - maybe grab a burger for everyone at Salt - at Kite Beach.

Cinema-loving families can look forward to this too.

To Infinity and beyond - or just to Kite Beach actually.
Free (with purchases of Dhs30). 5pm and 8.30pm. Thu Oct 24- Fri Nov 8. Umm Suqeim 1, (800 637227).

Here’s the full movie schedule

Kung-Fu Panda - October 24 at 5pm

Garfield 2 - October 24 at 8.30pm

Moana - October 25 at 5pm

Jumanji - October 25 at 8.30pm

The SpongeBob movie - October 26 at 5pm

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone - October 26 at 8.30pm

Toy Story 1 - October 31 at 5pm

Garfield 2 - October 31 at 830pm

Moana - November 1 at 5pm

Despicable Me 3 - November 1 at 8.30pm

Toy Story 2 - November 2 at 5pm

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone - November 2 at 8.30pm

Toy Story 3 - November 7 at 5pm

Jumanji - November 7 at 8.30pm

Kung-Fu Panda - November 8 at 5pm

Despicable Me 3 - November  8 at 8.30pm