Dubai Creek’s BBQ Donut launches floating iftar

Boardwalk’s miniature vessels are serving up a mighty meal this Ramadan

Ramadan, Ramadan 2018

When it comes to breaking fast around the city, there are plenty of options – but the chance to chow down on an iftar while cruising through Dubai? That's a opportunity to get on board with.

Take to the waters at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club for one of the floatiest iftars in Dubai. That’s right, floatiest.

Board the BBQ Donuts with tables decorated in the traditional colours of the region, along with a wide selection of Middle Eastern treats.

The iftar will feature favourites such as shish taouk, lamb kofta, falafel, kibbeh and fattoush, with a variety of fruit and local sweets to top it all off.

Each float can fit up to eight people at a time, with an à la carte option also available with a customisable barbecue package.

The doughnut-shaped vessels have been taking people up and down the Creek since 2012, where you can grill your own meats or be served a wealth of barbecued specialties.

For picturesque views while floating down a Creek, this iftar really is unique.

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Surprisingly, it’s not the only floating iftar around. The massive Queen Elizabeth 2 is setting up a cruise buffet throughout Ramadan, although it definitely won’t feel like you’re floating, thanks to its sheer size.

Dhs165. Daily, sunset-8pm. Boardwalk, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Deira, (04 295 6000).

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Boardwalk’s miniature vessels are serving up a mighty meal this Ramadan


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