2018 Ramadan sharing fridges map of Dubai is released

The projects require donations from the public

Ramadan, Ramadan 2018

We told you recently about Ramadan sharing fridges and now an interactive map has been released showing where you can donate and pick up food and drink.

Since 2016 Ramadan fridges have been placed throughout the city to make sure that people in need are provided for during the holy month.

And now thanks to the interactive map, there is no excuse not to do your bit and make it your mission to get the fridges stocked.

The fridges feed approximately 100 people a day, and you can find your nearest fridge below.

The community project has been a massive success so far, and currently the Facebook group has almost 25,000 members.

There are 88 fridges located on the map up to now, spanning across the entire city in various schools, towers and villas – and we can guarantee there’s one on your doorstep.

The initiative runs throughout Ramadan, which looks as though it will start on Tuesday May 15.

Last year more than 170 fridges across the city were set up, giving blue collar workers plenty to eat and drink during the summer.

Food needed for the fridges includes juices, soda, milk, laban and packaged foods. Fruits and vegetables are also among favourites – although cooked food will not be taken.

Manager Anne Mulcahy said 20 fridges are ready to be put out on day one of Ramadan this year, but she wants to make sure that they are always stocked up.
For more on what’s going on during Ramadan, take a look at everything you need to know with our guide.

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