Ramadan 2018 date in Dubai expected to be announced tomorrow

Moon-sighting committee will gather on Tuesday night to make a decision


The UAE's moon-sighting committee are readying themselves and if a crescent moon is spotted tomorrow night, then Ramadan will start on Wednesday.

Minister of Justice Sultan bin Saeed Al Badi has ordered the creation of the committee, which will decide on a start date for the month.

The group is set to meet after the Maghrib prayer tomorrow (Tuesday May 15) just after sunset at the Judiciary Department in Abu Dhabi.

Should the crescent moon be spotted at this meeting then Ramadan will commence the next day (Wednesday May 16).

The decision called on all Sharia courts across the country to look out for the moon and inform the committee of their sightings.

The Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences previously predicted that Ramadan in the UAE would begin on Thursday March 17.

Working hours will be reduced by two hours during Ramadan and the school day is generally shortened to five hours.

Ramadan is a great time to embrace the Emirati culture and learn about the rich traditions of the city we call home by taking part in iftars and charitable events.

The key things to remember during this time are to dress appropriately and avoid eating, drinking, smoking or chewing gum in public during daylight hours.

For more detailed advice on Ramadan etiquette, have a read of our Ramadan Guide, and start planning your iftars from this marvellous bunch.


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