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Chinese 04 354 5543 DIFC

Royal China is steeped in luxury, from the huge red tasselled chandeliers down to the dark polished wood floors – and the garden is something else completely. It’s candlelit, romantic and ambient, and the tranquility feels a million miles away from the bustle of DIFC.

Not sure what to choose from the menu? Order prawn crackers and pickles to nibble while you peruse the options – though you should know that the prawn dim sum is unbelievably juicy and fresh. The calamari, meanwhile, is unlikely to remain unfinished for long, delicately flavoured in an encased in a beautifully light, crisp batter. (You may not wish to share with your dining companion – but Time Out accepts no responsibility if your table manners fall so far short.).

Elsewhere on the list, crispy shredded beef has a perfect balance of crunchy exterior and tender meat, and arrives garnished in fiery red chillies that deliver a seriously moreish kick. Also try the sweet and sour chicken dish, which is laden with crunchy onions and fresh peppers that balance out the rich sauce perfectly.

An oasis in the city’s busy business district, prepare to enjoy the serenity, the grandeur, and the completely splendid food. It is one of our Highly Commended in the Best Chinese Restaurants category, after all.

The bottom line:
Top-notch Chinese cuisine in a fancy location

Asian 04 432 3232 Madinat Jumeirah

Fancy dinner you can take a private abra trip to? Zheng He’s, the Chinese restaurant at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, offers just that option.

Board an abra by moonlight and cruise along the smooth waters to your dining destination, taking in the beautifully lit Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and sea breeze as you go.

Zheng He’s itself is as impressive as the voyage, with stunning silk kimonos on display in glass cabinets, opulent soft furnishings, elegant birdcage light fixings and, rather delightfully, a huge gong, which is ceremoniously walloped to announce guests’ arrival to the dining room.

Service is friendly and efficient and the food is superb. The char siew honey-glazed beef brisket is excellent quality and the sweet and sour crispy chicken is packed full of tangy flavour.

The restaurant has an outdoor terrace overlooking the water for the cooler months, with gorgeous views of the Burj and the Madinat itself, both lending themselves as perfect backdrops to a romantic evening or a special get-together with friends.

As you might expect, all of this finery will set you back a few dirhams, but it’s money well spent for the impressive food and the overall experience.

And, after all, how many meals outside of a movie start involve a journey to them by boat?

The bottom line:
A must-try experience for fans of Chinese food

+971 4 384 8484 World Trade Center Area

Stylish Chinese lattice, low mood lighting and sleek wooden furniture set the scene on arrival at Hakkasan, in the iconic Emirates Towers.

The restaurant is candlelit, the gleaming bar is vast and impressive and the feel is cosy and authentic. Hakkasan offers fine dining at its fanciest, and the contemporary Cantonese menu is top notch. The three-time Best Chinese Time Out winner is still a benchmark against which most of its city counterparts can be judged.

Prepare to be bowled over by the roast chicken in satay sauce, which is served in a crispy skin swimming in a thick and flavoursome peanut curry. The stir-fried duck breast with dried chilli and Szechuan peppercorn is bursting with tantalising flavour and the crispy duck rolls are dangerously moreish.
We also recommend trying the dim sum, which is as fresh and juicy as we’ve known it in the entire city and will leave you clamouring for more.

Service, as you might expect, is also flawless, and waiters are efficient and professional.

All of the aforementioned niceties, however, do come at a price, and although you’ll leave thoroughly impressed, your wallets will be considerably lighter. Nevertheless, Hakkasan is stunning overall, and well worth visiting for a truly special occasion.

Chinese 04 2481993 Business Bay

Since quietly opening in mid-2017, Long Teng has fast developed a reputation for authentic Cantonese dining and hospitality. From the ornate, intricate presentation of even the simplest dishes to the complimentary fruit and coffee that the staff insist diners enjoy at the end of their meal, it feels every inch a high-end destination designed to draw Dubai’s Chinese businesspeople.

With a location in the heart of Business Bay, it’s already doing that. Unfortunately, that same location, in the entrance of U-bora Towers, can make the ground floor dining area feel more like a reception than a restaurant, so head upstairs for a more familiar (fancy) dining room setting.

As we peruse the seafood-focused menu, the room quickly fills with the office lunchtime crowd, and baskets of dim sum begin to fly out of the kitchen.

We jump aboard the dumpling train, and are quickly presented with four stunningly dainty, leaf-shaped morsels, packed with prawn and vivid green chive, all visible through their uber-fine translucent casings. Fresh, light and surprisingly complex in flavour, they’re as tasty as they are beautifully presented.

Across the table, the chicken and sweetcorn soup isn’t enjoying quite the same giddy reception, and could do with a touch more salt.

But it’s soon cast aside with the arrival of grilled scallops with salad sauce and potatoes (an intriguing order), stir-fried choy sum and the Long Teng fried rice.

While the scallops, unfortunately, aren’t quite to our taste (the fried potato haystacks and cool, slippery seafood just don’t quite work for our palate), the vibrant, crunchy, garlic-strewn choy sum greens are perfectly al dente. Packed with finely chopped veg, egg and prawns, the rice is filled with texture, and sits on just the right side of that satisfyingly buttery fried flavour. (No easy line to tread.)

We leave feeling like we couldn’t possibly eat another thing, but also with the nagging feeling that we wish we’d tried more, especially when we spy a few hotpots around the room.

Clearly, the best way to taste the full spectrum of Long Teng’s capabilities is by returning mob-handed and empty-bellied. And you can be certain we will.

The bill (for two)
1x prawn & chive dumplings Dhs28
1x chicken sweet corn soup Dhs32
1x scallop salad sauce & potato Dhs78
1x stir fried choy sum Dhs48
1x fried Long Teng rice Dhs58
1x large bottle of water Dhs25
Total (incl service) Dhs271

The bottom line
Popular business lunch spot worth trying.


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