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La Serre’s Bistro feels bright and airy, thanks to the crisp white colour scheme. On any given night you’ll find it buzzing, and staff deal adeptly with the throng of diners – you won’t even notice the wait between ordering and being presented your food, and requesting and receiving your bill.

Start with the shaved cauliflower salad with Manchego cheese, citrus and almonds. Light and refreshing, it’s a great precursor to some of the bigger flavours you’ll tuck into. The beetroot salad starter is one. It’s full of taste, texture and heat contrasts that we love. It comes with small rounds of warm goat’s cheese, studded with pistachio nut crumbs, mixed in with the cold cubes of beetroot. An absolute delight.

Mains are split into pastas, seafood and meat, making it easy for the indecisive to navigate. All the classics are present, including beef Bourguignon, baby chicken and fillet steak, plus scallops glazed with balsamic reduction and parsnip purée, and piquillo peppers. Of that the baby chicken is a standout, with its creamy, flavourful truffle Hollandaise sauce. A side of rich gratin Dauphinoise and steamed broccoli will go down a treat, too.

This is one of the most impressive French restaurants we’ve had the pleasure to eat in. Book a table and you’ll see why.

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Make no mistake, this French restaurant is extravagant. With grand, regal seats in royal blue and chandeliers throughout the sprawling, crisp white dining room, decadence is on show here. But it’s also super-cool with a fun vibe and buzzing atmosphere.

It brings a sense of dining in the south of France and a chilled-out, leisurely Mediterranean ambience that makes a meal here an excellent choice.

Not least because the food is top-notch, too. Fresh, seasonal ingredients directly from the Mediterranean are used to create some of the best dishes that French cooking is famous for. The restaurant’s signatures include escargots à l’ail – Burgundy snails with cured meat, garlic butter and smoked mashed potatoes, plus shards of flatbread with which to scoop it all up. If you’ve never had this French classic before, Bistrot Bagatelle is the place to try it.

Meat-lovers will want to dive into such Gallic staples as tartare de boeuf, starring hand-cut cured beef tenderloin, with capers, cornichons, truffle and pecorino. It’s a real treat as a precursor to the signature poulet rôti entire à la truffle – that’s a whole, truffled roasted chicken with baby potatoes and chicken jus. A carnivore’s dream. If you love seafood, don’t miss the lobster linguine, it’s a delightful pan of al dente pasta, a whole lobster and a silky tomato sauce that’s perfect sharing date-night food. Staff are super friendly and helpful, too.

Don’t arrive too early, as it will be super quiet, but head here later and the restaurant’s vibe picks up, with almost a club-like atmosphere – pumping music and dim lighting.

For a sophisticated meal in high-end, but unstuffy setting, get yourselves here pronto.

The bottom line
Super-cool spot with excellent food and a great vibe for a late evening dinner.

Perennially popular and consistently good, you can’t go wrong with a table booking at La Petite Maison. Whether you want to impress a business client, visiting family or a loved one, it will come up trumps.

As our current Best French restaurant, LPM wows every time. Inside, the décor is understated, all neutral shades of creams, whites and beiges. But the fine-dining white tablecloths and flecks of gold give it an elegance and class that shines through.

We visit on a weeknight, and it is, as expected, packed. The chatter rings out giving a buzzy, friendly atmosphere.

The food is simply outstanding. From the sweet, caramelised onions atop a wonderfully crisp pastry that forms the delightful pissaladière (onion tart), to exquisite lamb cutlets, perfectly pink inside their expertly charred exteriors, everything here will blow you away. Order a side of the intensely rich and creamy Dauphinoise potatoes and it will enhance your meal ten-fold.

For veg-lovers a pumpkin risotto is packed full of flavour, while our starter of crab and lobster salad is fresh and zesty with an ample helping of the meaty crustacean.

We love LPM, and if you’ve been, you’ll know exactly why. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

The bottom line
A multiple award-winner for a reason.

04 457 3779 Jumeirah


A restaurant bearing the name of a chef with three Michelin stars is inevitably going fill you with high expectations. And let’s not beat around the bush, Jean-Georges delivers. And then some.

The space is big and bright, the dining room slick and ultra-modern, but it feels welcoming and relaxed, thanks to creams and browns in the colour scheme, as well as low, warm lighting.

That warmth extends to the staff, too, who exude a sense of confidence that’s reassuring and a depth of knowledge of what they serve. So far, so three-star.

The menu boasts a selection of inventive French dishes. Expect plenty of caviar, of which the egg creation is a highlight – creamy with a sharp edge that we could easily eat multiple portions of.

There are plenty of tasty-sounding plates on the menu to choose from, but the standouts that we heartily recommend are the intensely flavoursome black truffle pizza. It’s covered in a buttery, rich fontina cheese, and lashings of black truffle oil, plus black truffle shavings.

Another must-try is the roasted foie gras – one of the best dishes we’ve eaten all year. It’s butter-soft, with a purée of lychee adding a whole new dimension of flavour. Complete with a dust of black olives and rose, it blends tastes and textures expertly.
If you haven’t been to Jean-Georges, make a booking today.

The bottom line
Great food, top-notch service. Go, now.


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