Check out Dubai's dedicated cat café

Cute critters on this week’s episode of Time Out Dubai Vlogs

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Can you imagine anything cuter than spending an entire afternoon sipping on tea and playing with literally dozens of kittens and cats?

Well, in Dubai the dream is now a reality, because you can head over to Ailuromania Cat Café in Jumeirah. The café is open every day, from 11am until 10pm, and it’s home to 24 adorable cats who have either been taken in from temporary shelters, or rescued off the streets.

They can run around and play until their heart’s content, they are nursed back to full health, and get all the human interaction and cuddles they could ever want.

In this week’s episode of Time Out Dubai vlogs the team spends an afternoon playing with all the cats at the café, and intermittently fall in love.

There are even some cats up for adoption, and adverts for some cats needing their forever home, courtesy of 38Smiles.

Check out the video below, and subscribe to the Time Out Dubai YouTube channel. It’s a real heart-warmer.

Every week we get out and about into this awesome city and find out the best stuff there is going on. Whether it’s jumping out of planes, jumping off of mountains, swimming with sharks, failing to surf, taking on the city’s craziest food challenges, getting a kiss from a seal, falling out of supercars or anything in between, if it’s happening in your city, the Time Out Dubai crew are on it.

Click here to visit the Time Out Dubai YouTube channel now.

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