This Dubai restaurant has a water menu

Yui offers diners dozens of options ranging from Evian to Solan De Cabras

This Dubai restaurant has a water menu

Here in Dubai, we love choices – whether it's choosing from 50 different types of cheese at brunch or being asked by the taxi driver whether we should take Sheikh Zayed Road during rush hour.

But this Japanese restaurant's extensive new water menu might just be taking things a bit too far.

Yui, in Dubai Design District, offers diners a baffling choice of 17 different brands, ranging from the familiar such as Evian (Dhs11) to rarer options like Waiwera from New Zealand (Dhs18) and Italy's Oxigizer (Dhs16).

Beside every bottle of water the restaurant has helpfully displayed counts for total dissolved solids, sodium, magnesium and calcium.

The most expensive is Antipodes from New Zealand, which at Dhs21 for a bottle promises a "fine water" experience.

Its website says: "We’ve never wanted Antipodes to dominate the table with height or strongly coloured glass.

"We believe the heroes of the occasion should be the grape and food, not the water bottle."

We think we'll stick with the local water...
Open daily noon-10pm. Building 3, Dubai Design District, Ras Al Khor Road (04 243 4217).

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