This Dubai restaurant charges Dhs50 if you don't finish your food

This is a brilliant way to combat waste

This Dubai restaurant charges Dhs50 if you don't finish your food

With Dubai becoming more conscious of food waste, this restaurant has come up with a brilliant way to get diners to finish what's on their plate.

Gulou Hotpot in Al Barsha adds Dhs50 to the bill of any customer who leaves leftovers at the end of their meal.

It's a genius way to reduce the amount of waste that the restaurant produces – and also makes sure that diners are thinking about what they order.

The fee applies when ordering the bargain Dhs49 hotpot deal, which offers unlimited food and drink for two hours.

Pick a broth to share with the table, before selecting as many ingredients as you like from the menu to cook before you.

Options include meat, fish, tofu and vegetables as well as noodles and desserts.

It’s a lot more fun than it sounds, and you’ll end up trying to communicate through the delicious-smelling steam that billows from the pot.

But just remember, if you waste any food you'll need to pay an extra Dhs50.
Dhs49. 11am-1am daily. Beside Emirates Post, Seedaf 1, Al Barsha (04 347 8157).

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