Indulge in Friday brunch

A decadent weekend pastime that has become an institution in the UAE

Indulge in Friday brunch
Indulge in Friday brunch Image #2

Remember those innocent times, when you thought brunch was simply a blend of the words breakfast and lunch? In some parts of the world it still is just that. We prefer it our way.

If brunch is a UAE institution, consider us well and truly institutionalised. For the uninitiated (what have you been doing with your weekend?), brunch is traditionally held on a Friday afternoon and is a feast of food and bottomless beverages served up in a stretch of three to four hours at the best restaurants in the city. There are also midweek evening options, and brunches on Saturdays, but Friday is really where it’s at.

You may think you’ve got the hang of this eating and drinking lark by now, but until you’re a brunch veteran, we assure you, you haven’t scratched the surface.

Brunch can be enjoyed in many ways. From the classy affairs with the focus purely on food to dining spots for all the family and on to party brunches where having fun takes priority, all moods, appetites and tastes are catered for.

Don’t just take our word for it though, find out foryourself. Our current award-winners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both held by Zuma, which is as classy as brunch gets. Book up now.
Check and for full brunch listings and reviews.

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