Indulge in Molecular Gastronomy

Indian cuisine has seen a rise in a new kind of cooking and presentation

Indulge in Molecular Gastronomy
Indulge in Molecular Gastronomy Image #2

Remember when the only utensils you needed for a meal were a knife and fork (okay, and a spoon for dessert)?

Now courses come served in a test tube amid a hail of liquid nitrogen, or are created at your table. Sometimes even
ON your table.

The ever-popular dining trend of molecular gastronomy has been fully embraced by purveyors of Indian cuisine here in the UAE.

If you don’t mind your dinner table looking like a chemistry set has invaded it, you can’t help but be won over by the flamboyance and good old-fashioned fun of it all.

Carnival by Trèsind, in DIFC, is one of the standard bearers in the city, bringing a real sense of theatre to food. It’s the playful little brother of the already-a-bit-mad Trèsind (middle) on Sheikh Zayed Road.

For a more casual way of enjoying the same style, Farzi Café in City Walk is also a top spot to check out this fun way of dining.
Carnival by Trèsind: Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai (052 242 4262). Tresind: Closed during summer 2018. Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai (04 308 0440). Farzi Café: City Walk, Al Safa Street, Dubai (04 394 2556).

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