Online grocery delivery service Kibsons UAE launches new vegan range

Get plant-based ingredients delivered to your door

Online grocery delivery service Kibsons UAE launches new vegan range

Vegan in the UAE? There’s a load of new vegan restaurants popping up, but sometimes you just want to eat in. And that’s where Kibsons comes in.

The popular online grocery delivery service, which prides itself on healthy, organic ingredients has launched a new vegan category so you can whip up fancy meals for your family without using any meat or dairy.

Kibsons, which has been up and running since 1980, said the service has already proved to be very popular, too.

The ingredients include Oumph! The Chunk (Dhs20). This new plant-based food is made from soya protein, extracted from non-GMO, sustainably-sourced soya beans.

There’s also coconut kefir milk (Dhs20.50), which is made using traditional age-old methods by fermenting organic coconut milk with live, vegan kefir cultures and Nush almond milk yoghurt (Dhs12.75).

Meanwhile if you’re looking for a snack, you can order vegan pretzes (Dhs10.50 for two in a packet) as well as Deliciously Ella nut butter balls (Dhs9).

Marks & Spencer has also expanded its plant-based range, too.

Recently we’ve had new vegan burgers, ice cream and pizza, as well as the launch of the world’s largest vegan restaurant.

For more vegan newbies to check out, click here.

What plant-based treats will you cook up tonight?
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