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If you live on the Palm Jumeirah and you’ve been looking for a new place for drinks with your mates and to watch the latest football match, you’re in luck. Club Vista Mare, a strip of beachside restaurants and bars, has just opened on the Palm, and it’s home to The Tap House, a new gastropub.

Inside, it’s very industrial-looking, with exposed bricks, metal pipes on the ceiling, and those old-school filament lights hanging everywhere. There’s a long bar with leather stools, and you can sit inside or out on the terrace, where there are views over the water and of the Dubai skyline. There are floor-to-ceiling windows, though, so even if you’re sitting indoors you can enjoy the view – when you’re not watching sports, that is.

There are TV screens dotted around, showing whatever big sporting event is on at the moment, but they’re all overshadowed by the massive screen on the other side of the bar, which takes up one whole wall. It’s perfect if you don’t want to miss any of the action, but if you’re not bothered about sports, it’s a lot more peaceful outside.

The bar has an extensive menu of craft hops, and 24 taps behind the bar. There are also hops-based mixed drinks, if you want to try something different, and mixed drinks are made using everything from liquid nitrogen to blowtorches. There are a few of tables with hops taps in the middle, too. Sit around those with friends and pour your own drinks.

The food menu includes the usual pub grub, with a few more unusual offerings such as duck ragout crêpe. If you’re only feeling a little peckish, though, there are bowls of popcorn. Kick back and enjoy.

The Bottom Line
The perfect new spot to watch sport or just admire the views.

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From the introduction of calorie-conscious menus at fine-dining restaurants to the arrival of cafés specialising in steamed-only cuisine, Dubai’s love affair with healthy eating has never been stronger.

Under 500, in JLT’s Cluster Y, is another newcomer to the scene, and a welcome arrival among those who frequent the neighbourhood’s many (many) yoga, Pilates and fitness studios. While we can’t scientifically verify that every dish really does stick to its promised count of 500 calories or fewer, the menu certainly talks a good game. The colourful, veggie-packed dishes coming out of the kitchen also seem to fit the bill.

Portions may be smaller than what you’re expecting (this place is not for the diet-averse). The egg quinoa tabbouleh from the all-day breakfast menu boasts all the flavours of the Levantine original, but with a double dose of protein that’s filling enough for you not to miss the rest of a mezze platter.

From the mains, the chicken lettuce tacos do a good enough impression of a Mexican fajita that you won’t miss the tortilla.

If you fancy rounding off with a dessert from the “cheat day” options, we promise we won’t tell your trainer.

The bottom line
Light, fresh and colourful yogi-friendly food.

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New Zealand is a country famed for its lamb, not its ground beef, but BurgerFuel makes an excellent case to the contrary. Take your time to choose between ground beef or vegetable patties and chicken breasts, smothered in a variety of toppings such as chedder, parmesan, stilton, avocado, beetroot, mango, pickles and jalapenos, in various combinations. When it is, staff will explain the ‘Doofer’, a clever cardboard gimmick designed to hold the burger, keep toppings from sliding onto your hands during battle with the third-pounder monster, which is thick and succulent. Apparently, those Kiwis know a thing or two about burgers after all.


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