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Light, bright and a pleasure to step inside, Rhodes W1 is British legend Gary Rhodes’ charming restaurant. It has a vintage feel to it and the menu is filled with dishes that will transport UK expats back to dear old Blighty. Afternoon tea, served only at weekends, is everything you’d hope it would be. The evening menu is also filled with clean, crisp takes on nostalgic dishes. Think of vegetables such as asparagus, sweet peas and broad beans and seafood including halibut, cod and crab. It’s just lovely – in the restaurant and out on the terrace –
and we’d be very surprised if anyone disagreed.

04 324 8888 Oud Metha

When a new chef takes over an award-winning restaurant, questions inevitably arise. Will they live up to their departing predecessor? Will we still love the food? Thankfully, under the leadership of executive chef Doxis Bekris, we’re pleased to say the answer to both is a resounding yes. Get to Solo early and it can feel a bit like you’re rattling around the huge space. And it can take time to attract staff’s attention (the focus seems to be on preparing for busier times ahead). But you’ll be pleased for the time alone with the diverse menu. Look to the vitello tonnato antipasti, slow-cooked veal with tuna sauce, or the rather decadent carpaccio di capesante, scallop carpaccio with ox bone marrow and caviar. The fresh, thin and crispy, stone-baked pizzas are a classic, hearty choice, too. The cheese-to-topping ratio is spot on and the thin base doesn’t buckle under the weight of it all. Step outside of your comfort zone and try some tasty home-style dishes prepared with finesse. Solo is a cool, contemporary spot for a classically Italian dinner. Live the dolce vita and try it now.


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