Shakespeare and Co

It’s hard to concentrate at Shakespeare and Co as its distracting decor, complete with vintage furniture and trinkets, commands attention, with everything from the menus to the lampshades featuring a signature Victorian touch. If you can look past the fridges bustling with pretty, pastel-coloured sorbets alongside displays of attractive home-made ice cream, you’ll discover a promising menu offering soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, burgers and more substantial dishes, such as the tender and delicious lamb shank, served with veggies and rice. While it can be difficult to get their attention, the staff aim to woo, especially when serving tea with a performance, holding cups at a great distance from the teapot to show off their skills. Try to keep room for dessert; although the full range is not on the menu, take your pick from the patisserie at the entrance. The chocolate éclair and caramelised puff pastry both pack a punch.


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