Hadoota Masreya

While it’s been known to be a bit tricky to secure a reservation at Hadoota Masreya, it’s certainly worth the trouble. Divided much like the average Arabian restaurant menu (cold and hot appetisers, stews, rice dishes and grills), but listing plenty of Egyptian specialities such as besara, feteer and foul, you’ll be spoilt for choice at this eatery. And, in our experience, whatever you go for is likely to be spot on. The cold eggplant starter is dressed with beautifully sharp and fresh flavours of lemon, onion and dill, while the Alexandria falafel is freshly cooked and exceptional in the extremes of soft and crisp texture. A more substantial option is the tagen musaqa’a, an oven-cooked stew of aubergine and meat. Full-flavoured, with beautifully creamy aubergine, and a sprinkling of beef mince, this is another thoroughly enjoyable dish. For some of the best Egyptian cooking in Dubai, Hadoota Masreya is highly recommended.


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