Chez Sushi

Created by the same people behind upmarket Japanese restaurant Sho Cho, this casual, playful eatery, which also offers takeaway and home delivery, specialises in sushi, sashimi and maki rolls. Chez Sushi’s USP is its ‘Let’s Roll’ option, where diners choose the ingredients (including white or brown rice), garnish and dressing for their makis, and then watch as the skilful chefs get to work. If you’d rather order from the normal menu, go for the signature spider maki – a delicious mix of textures and flavours courtesy of the rock shrimp, cucumber, wasabi mayo and sesame seeds. The seared tuna tataki is another standout, with the novel nori chips adding extra crunch to your meal. Chez Sushi may not look like much – a plastic-y interior with lime greens and cushions in the form of sushi and edamame soy beans (if you take a shine to these, you can buy them) – but the food surprises and delights, and the bill at the end will ensure you leave with your smile intact.


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