American-style sports bar in Deira

From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2008

Champions may not be able to deliver on its promise of offering ‘good times, good food and good sport’ all the time, but this American-style saloon bar is a solid venue in which to kick-back and chow down. The interior is suitably slovenly and slapdash; a ramshackle array of framed memorabilia lines the bits of the walls not taken up by TV screens, while a large portion of the floorspace is given up to pool tables and arcade games.

The menu sticks stubbornly to the sporting theme, with items such as the ‘driving range’ onion rings – a gargantuan mound of calorific crunchy hoops served with spicy tomato and garlic dips – perfect for hungry spectators to munch on while taking in a match.

The burgers come heaped high with toppings, desserts are mostly no-nonsense ice-cream-based creations, and there are even some decent veggie options on the extensive sandwich list.


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