Seafood Market

Pricey seafood Garhoud

From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2008

The decor may be funky with its glass floor, complete with koi carp swimming beneath, and its fake rockpool with giant fish heads spouting water just inside the door, but it’s the fish ‘market’ that is the unique selling point here.

Both ready-prepared and live fish are on offer, laid out upon the great ice-filled counter that fills the back wall of the dining room. Just about every fish you could name is here – and in all probability a few that you couldn’t – with hammour, turbot, various types of lobster and even some miniature shark, all for the taking.

Select a method of cooking – either sautéed, steamed or deep-fried – and your dish is prepared to order. The grilled Bauri fish in lemon butter sauce has delicate and slightly smoky flavour to it, while the seabream also hits the mark.

The dessert menu, though limited, is also good, but unfortunately the whole experience is marred by the house wine. White or red, the tang is akin to a window-cleaning chemical. Either dig deeper and buy a decent drop, or just stick to water.


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