Craft Café

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The venue is a little bit trendy (well, it should be, given its location), but doesn’t cross over into the realms of naff hipster. The décor is slightly quirky (birds – not real ones – in little cages, which hang above the dining room, for example). The menu features plenty of dishes that include foodie buzzwords (quinoa, kale, açai) and the coffee is cold-brew, single-origin and made with skinny milk. Try the orange twist, which is a fantastic cold Guatemalan coffee with orange zest, date molasses and soda water and comes with a lovely, custard-like foam atop, and a cold brew vanilla latte, which is also a top-notch brew. Breakfast – is brilliantly – served all day, so go for the eggs and avocado on toast. The eggs are cooked perfectly, it looks great finished with seeds and edible flowers. The house breakfast has three wonderfully smoky beef sausages, eggs, mushrooms and sweet potato and coconut patties – an inspired addition that livens up the dish. Craft Café has plenty going for it.


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