In review - Matto

Ultra-contemporary Italian restaurant with inventive dishes and friendly staff

Walking into Matto feels like stepping into the dining room of an old friend’s family – they know you well enough for entertaining, engaging conversation, and they know when it’s time to step back.

Staff exude confidence and alongside their names on their backs, having the region of Italy they’re from adds a personal touch. We’re all friends here, it seems to say, which makes this a cosy place to dine. You’ll also get friendly banter from the bar staff.

The quirky, fun décor is inviting and ultra-modern, industrial warehouse in style, all stripped back and with low-hanging lights, making this one of the trendiest Italian eateries in town.

The menu features all the dishes you’d expect – burrata, beef carpaccio, slow-cooked veal with tuna sauce and capers, pizzas, pastas and risotto – plus some less traditional dishes, such as hand-cut truffle fries served in a crispy Parmesan basket and the Matto burger, with caciocavallo cheese and Sicilian aubergine salad, all served in
pizza bread.

You can’t go wrong with the familiar – the slow-cooked veal with tuna sauce is deliciously flavoursome, delicate and water-thin, and a delightfully light mouthful that whets your appetite for mains, of which we choose the spigola in crosta (baked sea bass with a zucchini crust, potato rosti and red capsicum cream). It’s light and inventive – the soft flaky texture of the fish combining well with the crunch of the rosti and silky-smooth red pepper purée.

Don’t leave without trying dessert – the Matto Rock is like a massive Ferrero Rocher – a crunchy, hazelnut-studded chocolate sphere surrounds a rich, praline centre. Smash it, Easter-egg style and avoid spoon fights over the last morsel.

We like the familar dishes at Matto and we’ll certainly be heading back to give that unusual-sounding burger a try…

The bill (for two)
1x bruschetta Dhs30
1x slow-cooked veal Dhs65
1x seafood fregula pasta Dhs100
1x baked sea bass Dhs110
1x Matto rock Dhs55
Total (including tax) Dhs360

The bottom line
Delicious Italian dishes served with flair.


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