Harper’s Bazaar Café

Latest Harper’s Bazaar Café review, deals, contact details and opening hours. Discover the Café menu, and find nearby restaurants and bars in Jumeirah.

When a fashion magazine that’s been redefining hem lines and hairstyles since 1867 decides to venture out into an unknown industry of food and beverages, eyebrows are raised. There’s often talk about how fashion people don’t eat, and live on cappuccinos. But Harper’s Bazaar Café is attempting to tear that very stereotype apart with its branches in two of the emirate’s most chic addresses – d3 and City Walk – and its elaborate menu and seasonal dishes. The café gains points for its interior design, contemporary patterns and self-righteous poise, but it doesn’t impress quite so much in the kitchen. There is a sense of familiarity in the menu choices – quinoa salad with rocket, feta and cherry tomatoes, crispy calamari, and marinated chicken ciabatta sandwich, and it all seems to be a big draw for well-heeled of the city.


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