ShoSho’s Caribbean Lounge

Top-class Caribbean food in a new restaurant that has potential

After a short flurry of Caribbean-themed restaurant activity, the trend seemed to die down. Claims of Jamaican being the new Peruvian clearly missed the mark. But we have a new addition, ShoSho’s, and on initial experience, it’s one we’ll be returning to.

The quiet office block in DIFC is a sterile location and the approach to the venue feels a little eerie. You’d never guess at the thundering dancehall beats that lie beyond ShoSho’s doors.

First impressions on our midweek evening visit are somewhat odd, but it’s worth perservering. Staff seem surprised to see us (and surprised that people are asking for food and drinks) and the music echoes around the venue.

The drinks list is impressively long for such a small bar area, with plenty of mixed drinks (there are sadly no Jamaican hops, though). The food menu is short in comparison, with eight starters, eight mains, eight sides and some desserts. Granted, if you’re not a fan of chicken or lamb your options are limited.

We order jerk lamb ribs and a mango salad to start followed by jerk chicken and oxtail stew. A mix-up with the order (over the course of a series of frustrating exchanges) means we end up with lamb ribs and chicken wings to start, as well as the salad, and lamb chops for a main, in addition to the stew. The sides, delicious as they are, aren’t really necessary, as each main comes with rice and peas.

It’s slight overkill on the lamb front, but we devour the lot. The jerk chicken wings are absolutely amazing, too, but makes us wish we had the main course as requested. We’d avoid the mango salad, however, which is uninspiring. The stew is another winner, with deep flavour and fall-off-the-bone meat.

The experience may not be perfect but the food is the best Caribbean we’ve had in the city.

The Bill (for two)
1x Jerk Finger Licking Wings Dhs50
1x mango salad Dhs45
1x BBQ jerk lamb ribs Dhs68
1x minted jerk lamb chops Dhs95
1x ShoSho's oxtail stew hot pot Dhs130
1x plaintain Dhs25
1x greens in garlic butter Dhs25
Total (including service) Dhs438

The bottom line
A few tweaks and this could be great.


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