PizzaExpress Live

Classic PizzaExpress dishes alongside entertainment in Business Bay

One of the things you can be sure of when dining at PizzaExpress is that you know what you’re going to get. And that is fresh pizza, loaded with plenty of classic toppings, served to you by staff in signature stripy uniforms. What you’ll also get is a casual vibe and quality food at a decent price.

And while that all rings true for the brand-new PizzaExpress Live in Business Bay, you’ll also find something you won’t get in your average branch of the global chain – some pretty good entertainment.

Acts range from Live Laughs comedy nights to Stephon LaMar – Highly Commended in in the Best Original Act category at our 2018 Music & Nightlife Awards. We happen to arrive on a stand-up comedy night and, excited, we head inside.

The décor is cool and bright, and it’s a large, spacious room. Settling into a booth near the bar – a safe distance from any potential audience involvement – we quickly inspect the menu while we have half an ear on the warm-up act.

All our old faves are present, while there are some newer regional dishes, too, such as the Sujek Reale, topped with spicy lamb sausage, pomegranate molasses and pine nuts.

We opt for the giardiniera and American hot (steady choices).

And the pizzas are great – as they always are. The giardiniera comes on a classic base smothered in tangy tomato sauce and dollops of chewy, tasty mozzerella. It’s loaded with fresh veggies and pesto. The American hot is as it sounds, and is on a thinner, crispy Romana base. We throw calorie-counting caution to the wind and order a pot of rich garlic butter to dip the crusts in.

By the time we’re halfway through, the main act comes on. After the initial grimaces (ours) and nerves (his), it picks up and the crowd hoots with laughter.

With a laid-back vibe, some decent acts and pizza you can rely on, this is a great new spot.

The bill (for two)
1x Giardiniera Dhs65
1x American hot Dhs75
Total (excl service) Dhs140

The bottom line
A top blend of pizza and live acts.


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