Casper & Gambini’s

Delightful dishes at this international restaurant-cafe

Casper & Gambini’s is all polished wood and gleaming marble with soft furnishings, potted plants and big windows.

It’s nice enough, and could be rather homely, but on our visit it’s completely empty, and the immaculateness almost runs the risk of coming off clinical without the clatter and crumbs of messy diners to bring the place to life.

We feel a slight sympathy – mingled with an undercurrent of agitation – as waiting staff linger around our table, presumably looking for something to do during an otherwise deathly shift.

Fortunately the food is good. The calamari is fresh and well-seasoned and the smoked salmon starter is presented in impressive furls atop soft pumpernickel bread with capers and a delicately-dressed salad.

The mini-sliders are probably the best thing we try, though. Mediterranean, classic and Mexican gourmet beef burgers tick every box, and are more filling than you might expect.

The chicken escalope, we’re told, is the most popular dish in the restaurant – and we can see why.

The creamy cheese sauce is phenomenal and leaves us resisting the urge to lick the plate. It’s a shame there’s not more guests to enjoy this restaurant, as the food is very good.


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