Noor Lounge

Noor Lounge

High tea is a genteel way to pass an afternoon, especially when it is so often used to celebrate a special occasion, so getting the setting right is crucial to pulling off an all-round memorable experience.

And the setting at one of Dubai’s most luxurious hotel is certainly ticking all the right boxes.

The canopy of gilded trees and floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the pool and on to the Arabian Gulf, certainly make this a favourite hotel lobby.

And Noor Lounge, situated as it is at the back of this impressive hotel entrance, is sophistication personified.

One afternoon tea is enough for two people and the selection of hot beverages is extensive including some Asian options, and with so much choice we feel quite overwhelmed. Feeling under pressure to order we opt for English breakfast, no point in breaking with tradition.

When it comes to the food a variety of sweet and savoury mini treats arrive on the branches of a golden tiered platter, inspired by the trees we glided under on the way in.

Classic mini sandwiches with divine fillings such as smoked salmon and dill butter, roast beef, egg and chive and cucumber are delicious.

Soft plain or raisin scones are served up with Cornish clotted cream and homemade jam.

To conclude, though by this point we are fairly full, the most incredible intricate pastries arrive and are delicately placed on the leaves of the miniature golden tea tree.

There’s no denying how incredibly beautiful they look and the level of detail that has gone into creating these teeny tiny sweet pastries is extraordinary, but we feel the focus was on how they looked over how they taste and we are pleased we have filled up on what came before.

The setting gets top marks and the food would have to, if they had stopped before the pretty little cakes.


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