Cin Cin

Super-stylish wine bar in the Fairmont Hotel

From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009

Let’s make this clear: Cin Cin is strictly a wine bar and not a restaurant. It serves food – theoretically at least – but it’s itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny food that seems more like an ironic affectation than an attempt to provide nourishment.

The burgers, for example. Imagine the smallest thing in the world. Smaller! Smaller! Now imagine it’s made out of cow. That’s your Cin Cin burger. Three of them for Dhs90? We wouldn’t call it credit-crunch conscious.

It’s the wine, then, that is the draw here, and to be fair, if you’re scouring Dubai for a one-stop spot to explore a vast and varied selection of grape-based beverages then you need look no further.

As much as we mock Cin Cin’s food options, even the snootiest vinophile will find a snifter to suit them. And with its subdued lighting and friendly, but reserved, staff it’s a fine place for a romantic evening.


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