Icon Bar

Trendy sports bar with light bites and simple meals

From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009

Icon Bar & Lounge (or, as the logo has it, Icon Lounge & Bar) is another entry in a long list of perfectly comfortable, perfectly nice, perfectly average hotel bars.

Downstairs, you’ll find comfy seating, a quiet, relaxed vibe and a weirdly cramped outdoor area. Upstairs, it’s a little more smoky and lively, with cover performances by a house band to keep the mood up.

But there is little here that stands out – aside, perhaps, from the modern, fancy decor. The food, which, despite a plethora of international options, basically boils down (metaphorically) to competent, filling but unspectacular nosh served by slightly slow and easily flummoxed bar staff.

It’s by no means a bad place to eat if you’re knocking around the Media City area, but Icon Bar & Lounge is hardly spectacular.


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