Certified Australian Angus rib-eye steak on the stone recipe

Chef Hamish McKerrow shares his signature dish


The highest quality meat, simplicity and a 400°C volcanic stone are the secrets to St Maxim’s succulent steaks. Here’s how to recreate one without the rock.

Hamish says: ‘The Angus cattle in Australia are fed a special grain diet to produce the most important quality in our product: marbling – the highly sought-after intra-muscular fat located throughout the beef that ensures maximum juiciness, tenderness and flavour for every steak we serve. The secret to recreating this dish is to ensure the quality of the meat is high and keep it simple – the meat will speak for itself.’

The recipe

(Serves four)
• 4 pieces 340g certified Australian Angus rib-eye steak (or other high-quality steak – look out for the marbling)
• Salt and pepper
• 500g mixed seasonal green vegetables
• 500g new potatoes
• 30g butter
• 30ml warm milk
• 30ml extra virgin olive oil
• Juice of one lemon

1 Wash and cook the potatoes. Lightly mash, add butter and gradually add milk, stirring continuously until a smooth creamy consistency is reached. Place into a warm bowl for serving.
2 Neatly slice the seasonal greens and sauté in the olive oil until tender. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
3 St Maxim’s cooks its steak on a 400°C volcanic stone, but you can use a hot plate (avoid using a grill if you can as this alters the taste).
4 Simply lay the steak on the hotplate, flip and season with salt and pepper
5 Slice off a portion or two and cook as you prefer. Serve with the mash and veg.

The meat supplier
Name: Hamish McKerrow
Nationality: Australian

Hamish, from Country Hill International, plays a key role in ensuring St Maxim’s is stocked up with the highest-quality meats. With more than 25 years’ active involvement within the high-end meat business, Hamish is now helping to build St Maxim’s reputation for serving some of the best steaks in town.

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