Lobster in Thai curry sauce recipe

Chef Sonbun Phongsri shares his signature dish


The Thai chef de cuisine at this vibrant fresh fi sh restaurant in the Radisson Blu Deira Creek, brings a delicious twist to a classic lobster dish.

Chef Sonbun says: ‘This dish is my personal favourite. Plus, over the 20-year history of Fish Market, this dish has proven to be successful and popular among our guests. When you add a fresh lobster with Thai curry, it simply has an exquisite taste!’

The recipe

(Serves two)
• 450g lobster
• 1 tbsp Thai red curry paste
• 2 tbsp coconut milk
• 1 tsp fish sauce
• 1/3 tsp palm sugar
• 1/3 ltr water
• 1 tbsp oil
• 2 kaffir lime leaves
• 20g green beans
• 20g green peas
• 1 piece sliced red chilli


1 Cut the lobster in half, remove the meat and clean well.
2 Fry the lobster in hot oil, until half done and set aside.
3 Heat some oil in a pan and add the curry paste and stir fry.
4 Put in the coconut milk, fish sauce and sugar and allow to boil for about three minutes on low heat.
5 Add the green beans, green peas, lime leaves and lobster meat and cook.
6 Put the lobster mix in the cleaned-out shell and garnish with chilli.

The chef

Name: Sonbun Phongsri
Nationality: Thai

Chef Sonbun has cooked in a wide variety of hotels across the GCC. He has been working as Thai chef de cuisine at the Fish Market, Radisson Blu Hotel Deira Creek, since March 2004.

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