Venison tartare with tarragon, blackberries and juniper recipe

Chef Andrew Zarzosa shares his signature dish


Bring a slice of raw refi nement home from Hunters Room & Grill at the Westin with the chef’s recommendation of venison tartare.

Chef Andrew says: ‘The reason I chose this dish is because everyone who tastes it for the first time is very cautious but, after their first bite, they are pleasantly surprised. It’s a great dish that is just simple and delicious. It may look complicated, but it really isn’t… just try it for yourself and see.’

The recipe

(Serves one)

For the venison
• 100g venison loin
• 10ml extra virgin olive oil
• 1g juniper berries
• 5g shallots
• 5g grain mustard
• 5g salt (preferably Smoked Viking)

For the tarragon emulsion
• 100g tarragon, blanched and refreshed
• 1 slow-poached egg
• 600ml grapeseed oil
• 30ml water (preferably mineral)
• 4g salt


1 Finely chop venison loin with a sharp knife and reserve in cold mixing bowl.
2 Add to the bowl the salt, crushed berries, mustard, shallots and the oil.
3 Puree the tarragon with a little of the water to make a thick paste.
4 Add the poached egg and slowly drizzle the grapeseed oil until a thick mayonnaise-like puree is obtained.
5 In a ring mould, assemble the venison tartare, then top with fresh chives.
6 Make a smear of the tarragon emulsion and place a piece of toasted bread on the side of the tartare.

The chef

Name: Andrew Zarzosa
Nationality: American

Chef Andrew has worked at Atlantis Paradise Island in America and also with Starwood Hotels, before joining Hunters when it opened in June 2008.

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