Mud crab with black pepper sauce recipe

Chef Eng Wai Meng shares his signature dish


The Grand Hyatt Dubai’s cracking Peppercrab restaurant serves up these tasty monsters every day. Chef Eng shows how to tame the beast.

Chef Eng says: ‘In the restaurant, all the customers, no matter what country they are from, they all make good comments about this dish. Of course, crab is served elsewhere, but we cook it differently, and our guests like that.’

The recipe

(Serves one)
• 1kg mud crab
• 100g butter
• 80g black pepper crushed until fragrant
• 80g sugar
• 10ml thick soy sauce
• 40g margarine
• 450ml water
• 2g spring onion julienne (cut into long thin strips)
• 5g coriander cut 2cm
• 2g carrot julienne

1 Cut the mud crab into serving sizes and clean it well.
2 Heat a wok and add margarine. Sauté 30g of the black pepper, add water, sugar and thick soy sauce. Let it boil.
4 Put the crab in the pot, cover and let it cook for about 15 minutes.
5 Add butter and the remainder of the black pepper.
6 Cook until sauce turns thicker, then arrange it on the plate.
7 Garnish with mixed spring onion, carrot and coriander on top.

The chef

Name: Eng Wai Meng
Nationality: Malaysian

Chef Eng has an international history with Hyatt, having worked in the Grand Hyatts in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Moscow, he is now settled at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, where he has worked as chef de cuisine at Peppercrab for two years.

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