Kalbi marinated grilled fillet mignon recipe

Chef Ashish Purty shares his signature dish


The recipe comes all the way from Paris, the marinade originates from Korea and the dish has the infl uence of an Indian chef: a world of fl avours meets on one plate.

Chef Ashis says: ‘We recommend this dish to all our customers and they are never disappointed. The recipe comes from Paris, where Karma Kafe was born.’

The recipe

(Serves one)
• 220g fillet of beef
• 50ml demi-glace sauce
• 30g bias-cut carrots
• 30g caramelised onion
• 40g bias-cut asparagus
• 30g sliced shitake mushroom
• 100g fondant potato
• 250ml chicken stock
• 50g butter
• 10g herbs

• 50ml soy sauce
• 60g sugar
• 10g chopped ginger
• 10g chopped spring onion
• 30ml ginger juice
• 5g sesame seed
• 15ml sesame oil
• 3g dry chilli flakes


1 For kalbi marinade combine all ingredients then marinate the fillet for six hours maximum.
2 Cut the potato with a round cutter, melt butter in a pan and cook the potato over a very low heat, browning one side, then add chicken stock until it is done.
3 Grill the marinated fillet of beef until it is cooked as you desire.
4 Blanch the vegetables (carrot, asparagus, caramelised onion and sliced shitake mushroom) and sauté them in a frying pan with little butter, salt and pepper to taste.
5 Arrange it on the plate as per the picture. Pour over the demi-glace sauce and garnish with herbs.

The chef

Name: Ashish Purty
Nationality: Indian

Chef Asish worked in the kitchens at Le Royal Méridien Dubai from 2002 to 2006. He then moved to Buddha Bar at Grosvenor House. In January 2009 his valuable experience enabled him to be hired at Karma Kafe where he is now the head chef.

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