Margaux chef interview

We meet Sebastien Didierjean, executive chef at Margaux, to find out what makes his taste buds tick


How long have you been in Dubai?
I’ve been here for two years. I like it for the architecture and the everyday. It’s a small city, where everyone knows everybody; it’s nice.

Tell us a bit about your new lunch menu.

I make a special dish every day for lunch. On Monday you can have one plate, on Tuesday another. And after 30 minutes, you’re done.

Do you get a lot of people in for lunch?
I have a few people coming in, but it’s only just started. In France, lunch is very popular. You eat, have a glass of vino, dessert, take your time.

You worked under celebrity chef Alain Ducasse. Did you learn a lot from him?
I learned too much! Alain is very much a perfectionist and it shows in his kitchen.

How would you describe your style in the kitchen?
I like to cook traditional dishes from the Mediterranean.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Dubai (besides your own, of course)?
I like too many restaurants here, but my favourite is Pierre Gagnaire’s.

What’s your favourite dish on your menu?
The sea bream. It’s a good dish, and we serve it whole with fennel and potato. I like it for its simplicity.

And what’s your least favourite?
The Caesar salad, only because it’s everywhere. It’s classical, and of course we make it, but for me it’s quite boring. It’s just a salad with parmesan, and everywhere I go in the world, I see it.
Margaux, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Burj Khalifa (04 439 7555)

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