Chabakia recipe

The chefs from Almaz by Momo share a Moroccan dessert recipe


Chabakia is a traditional sweet made during Ramadan especially. It’s crisp, honey-soaked almond pastries flavoured with saffron and orange water, and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Why not try out this rich Moroccan dessert recipe at home.

The recipe

•1kg plain flour
•200g almond powder
•100g roasted and ground sesame seeds
•2 egg yolks
•2 tbsp baker’s yeast
•2 tbsp ground aniseed
•2 tbsp cinnamon
•100g melted butter
•150ml olive oil
•100ml orange blossom water
•Saffron and salt, a pinch each
•2kg honey
•Oil, for frying

1 In a large container, put cinnamon, flour, almond, sesame, yeast, saffron, and salt and aniseed and mix well.

2 In another container, mix egg, butter, olive oil and blossom water.

3 Add the flour mixture to this mixture gradually, mixing constantly for at least 15 minutes to ensure that there are no lumps.

4 Divide the paste into 6 equal parts.

5 Roll out each part into a rectangle and cut each rectangle into smaller rectangles.

6 Cut each small rectangle into 6 strips.

7 Place each strip on top of each other.

8 Deep-fry in batches in 180 degrees C-hot oil till golden.

9 Drain and put in the honey.

10 Decorate with sesame seeds.

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