Scotch Egg & Watercress Salad recipe

The chefs at Rivington Grill share a rich Scotch egg recipe


Especially popular eaten cold at picnics and often served with a salad and pickles, Scotch eggs make a hearty and tempting meal.

Try out this recipe and create something very different to the pre-packed, plastic-wrapped Scotch eggs you can buy at the UK convenient stores.

The recipe

•4 fresh eggs (large free range)
•Game mince
•450g game mince
•1 large egg beaten
•7g table salt
•125g flour
•5g black pepper corn
•5g sage
•5g thyme
•250g fresh bread crumbs
•50 g seasoned flour
•50 ml vegetable oil
•50g carrots and celery finely chopped
•Watercress salad
•Watercress red or green
•75g 50ml olive oil
•10ml lemon juice
•Freshly ground salt and pepper

1 Mix the finely diced carrot and celery with the game mince, eggs flour, thyme and sage correct the seasoning.

2 Boil the eggs for seven minutes and then chill in cold water or iced water.

3 Peel the eggs then wrap the game mince around them until completely covered.

4 Roll the eggs in flour, then coat with the beaten egg mix then dip the eggs into the breadcrumbs so the eggs are completely covered. Then repeat this again.

5 Deep fry for three to five minutes until coloured, then finish in the oven for seven minutes at 180° C.

6 Dress the watercress with the olive oil and lemon juice and then cut the scotch eggs in half to serve.

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