Boneless Chicken Wings Stuffed with Sticky Rice recipe

The chefs at Chi’Zen share a Cantonese chicken wing recipe


Chicken wings don’t always have to be a plain experience. These Cantonese boneless chicken wings are stuffed with tasty sticky rice mixed with dried shrimp, scallops and shitake mushrooms.

The recipe

•160g chicken wings
•100g red vinegar
•600g white vinegar
•160g sugar

Sticky rice
•25g glutinous rice
•4g dried shrimp
•2g dried scallops
•2g dried shitake mushroom
•4g smoked beef
•4g spring onion
•2g oyster oil
•0.5r sugar

1 First debone the chicken wings and set aside.

2 Prepare the sticky rice.

3 Then fully stuff each wing with the sticky rice mixture. With the stuffed wings blanche in hot water, then soak in mixture of vinegar, water and sugar.

4 Let the wings dry for 2-3 hours. They are then ready to be fried to a nice golden color.

5 To cook the sticky rice, let the glutinous rice soak in water for 45 minutes, then steam the rice for 45 more minutes.

6 Deep fry the dried shrimp, dried scallops, dried mushroom, smoked beef and spring onion, until it achieves a nice color.

7 Put the oyster oil and sugar in a hot pan then fry the rice with the fried ingredients, until the rice turns gold brown.

8 For a nice presentation slice the wings up and present on plate to showcase the sticky rice stuffing.

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