Stir-fried cauliflower recipe

The chefs from Indego by Vineet Bhatia share a stir-fried cauliflower recipe


Cauliflower is often overlooked when we shop for vegetables, but it can be so very tasty when cooked with the right ingredients.

Try out this Indian cauliflower stir-fry recipe that’s full of beautiful flavours.

The recipe

•1600g cauliflower florets
•300g tempura flour 
•1 tsp turmeric powder
•10g salt
•100ml lemon juice
•10g chopped ginger
•10g chopped green chilli
•Water for the stir-fry
•100ml corn oil
•10g chopped garlic
•10g chopped ginger
•100g chopped onion
•300g red capsicum cut in to dices
•300g green capsicum cut in to dices
•200g tomato ketchup
•100g tamarind chutney
•30g spring onion
•2l oil for deep- frying

•100g frisse lettuce
•100g mixed Asian lettuce
•4 parmesan cheese baskets

1 Marinate the cauliflower florets with the tempura flour, turmeric, lemon juice, salt, ginger, green chilli and water. Keep aside for deep frying.

2 Heat up corn oil in a pan; add the chopped garlic, ginger and onions. Sauté until onions turns translucent. Add the capsicums and continue the frying for another 3 minutes. Add the tomato ketchup and tamarind chutney. Mix gently.

3 Meantime fry the marinated cauliflower till crisp. Stir-fry the cauliflower in the sauce; make sure the sauce coats evenly.

4 Sprinkle the chopped spring onion and serve hot on a parmesan cheese basket garnished with frisse lettuce and Asian mix lettuce.

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