Alternative sausage offerings

Oliver Robinson celebrates the joy of sausages in Dubai

Bangers and mash at Harvesters
Bangers and mash at Harvesters
Boerwurst at Butcher Shop & Grill
Boerwurst at Butcher Shop & Grill
Multi-tribal sausage platter at Tribes
Multi-tribal sausage platter at Tribes
Sausages aplenty at Prime Gourmet
Sausages aplenty at Prime Gourmet

It’s difficult to bring the word ‘sausage’ into a conversation without a hint of a smile. But people are beginning to take the jester of the food world seriously – what was once a way for medieval Europeans to use up all the bits of offal that no one wanted to eat, the sausage has suddenly gone all posh. Take the ‘haute dog’ craze that’s sweeping the States, for instance – humble hot dogs have been given a gourmet makeover.

Here in the UAE the approach to sausages is different because of various cultural differences. Mindful of these sensitivities, local butchers and restaurateurs have taken an alternative and innovative approach to their sausage making, using different meats to great effect – whether it’s veal, chicken, lamb or even camel.

These alternatives take shape in bangers, bratwursts, boerwursts, chorizo and chipolatas, meaning that Dubai’s diners still have plenty of opportunity to get their sausage fix. In celebration of this tubular treat, Time Out rounds up the top sausage sellers around town.

Butcher Shop & Grill: While this chain focuses primarily on steaks, you’d do well to try the beef boerwurst (Dhs22). This sizeable starter is quite a mouthful (it’s also served as a side or part of Butcher Shop’s light lunch menu), and packs a punch in terms of taste – basted in barbecue sauce, the sausage meat is punctuated with flavourful coriander seeds. The curly sausage is served alongside a plump pillow of mash, making it a heart-filling option.
The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina (04 428 1375)

Harvesters: Has carved a niche for itself by serving top-notch pub grub. It’s no surprise then that they serve rather tasty bangers and mash (Dhs46) – sausages of generous proportions served atop a plump pillow of mash. There’s a chicken alternative (pictured) for non-pork eaters, which, we’re happy to report tastes fantastic – brought to life by a liberal smattering of spices and rich, very thick gravy.
Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 331 1111)

Prime Gourmet: This butchers near the Gold and Diamond Park, serves up all kinds of sausage (in packs of four), including Angus beef (Dhs27.50), wagyu beef (Dhs32.50), lamb and rosemary (Dhs32.50), Italian spicy beef (Dhs25), sweet chilli and plum beef, beef chorizo, beef bratwurst, and chicken and herb. As of yet, Prime Gourmet hasn’t incorporated their tasty tubular options into readymade dishes that customers can order and eat on site, but there’s talk of Prime Gourmet’s sausages making it onto the menu of prestigious restaurants such as Rivington Grill. More exciting, however, is the prospect of the monthly sausage-making classes that owner Hamish McKerrow plans to hold. For further details, email
Emaar Gold & Diamond Park, next to First Gulf Metro Station (04 341 5820)
Top sausage!

Tribes: The sausages served as part of the ‘multi-Tribal sausage platter’ (Dhs40) at Tribes don’t appear to have anything to do with any African tribe in particular (it’s an African-themed restaurant, you see), rather they’re simply made from different meats – most excitingly, camel. While the camel meat at Tribes is more likely to be from Sharjah than South Africa (much of the meat served at the restaurant, we’re told, is imported from the latter), it was nonetheless a novelty to tuck into this belligerent beast. Gamey in taste, this selection of sausages (which also features lamb) are served with a marvellously spicy chutney, which accentuates their distinctive gamey flavour.
Fashion Dome, Mall of the Emirates, Barsha (04 395 0663)

I’ll be your dog

A sausage round-up wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the hot dog, the ubiquitous snack that has sated American appetites for generations. While the latest crazy of ‘haute dogs’ (gourmet hot dogs) has yet to reach Dubai, there are still a number of restaurants here in Dubai that serve the snack in its very truest form.

Bob’s Easy Diner:
Bob’s serves two types of hot dog – the regular hot dog (Dhs29) and, for an extra dirham, the barbecue (Dhs30). As you might expect from a barbecue hot dog, it features barbecue sauce.
The Dubai Mall, Downtown Burj Khalifa (04 339 9361)

Diggy Dog:
If ever you accidentally wander into International City, before you start screaming in panic, grab a hot dog at this fun little restaurant. As its name suggests, Diggy Dog specialises in dogs of all shapes, sizes and flavours – there’s even a rare veggie option, as well as some bizarre creations such as a sausage, wrapped in mozzarella cheese and then pasted, hedgehog-like, with a coating of chips and served on a stick…
International City (04 432 7877)

Johnny Rockets:
Grease you hair, grab your T-bird jacket and head on down to Jonny Rockets for a slice of cheesy faux-’50s fun. Aside from singing staff and rather good burgers, Jonny Rockets serves regular hot dogs (Dhs30) and chilli dogs (Dhs35).
Dubai Marina (04 368 2339)

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