Recipe for bouillabaise

Cook award-winning restaurant’s beautiful Provençal fish stew at home

You may have tasted it at the award-winning Traiteur restaurant.
But now you can make the tasty Bouillabaise fish stew for yourself and your friends at home.

The recipe
Serve four

1kg rock fish (sea bass, red mullet, John Dory)
80g white onion (sliced)
80g carrot (peeled cut in cubes)
80g fennel (cut in cubes)
2g saffron
100g fresh tomatoes (cut in cubes)
10g fresh thyme
10g garlic whole
3g fennel seed
20g tomato paste
1 star anise
Olive oil
1l water

1 egg yolk raw
1 egg yolk cooked
1g saffron fresh
100ml corn oil
5g garlic chopped
1g piment espellette (French dried chili powder)
Salt, pepper to taste
1 baguette crouton long
3g Dijon mustard
2ml sherry vinegar

1 Cut the rock fish in half a quarters depend the size. Pan fry the fish until golden color in olive oil, take out and keep on the side.

2 In a different pot, add olive oil and sautee the onion, carrot, garlic and fennel. Add saffron, thyme, star anise and fennel seed. When the vegetable get a nice color, add the fish, tomato paste and cook some more time until the fish is hot. Fill up with water and now add the fresh tomato cubes. Season with salt. Cook for 20 minutes. Blend with a big hand blender and cook again 20 minutes on a slow fire. Strain trough a mash strainer.

3 For the rouille sauce, mix the cooked egg yolk with the raw egg yolk, Dijon, garlic, saffron. Pour the oil and whisk in with the mayonnaise. Add salt, chili powder, sherry vinegar. Add on top of a Baguette crouton and serve together.

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