And the ten weirdest...

Stuffed pigeons, boiled heads and lamb testes - Time Out selects 10 of the strangest delicacies available in Dubai.

1. Balut at Fillipino Supermarket

Al Hudaiba Street, Satwa (04 345 0178)

Terrifying fertilised duck eggs containing partially developed embryos, boiled and eaten in their shells – feathers, beak, claw and all.

2. Ferri fried sparrow at Shu

Jumeirah Beach Road (04 349 1303)

This deep-fried bird, drizzled in pomegranate syrup, sends this Lebanese restaurant’s freakiness credentials soaring.

3. Stuffed pigeon at Grand Abu Shakra

Maktoum Street (04 222 9900)

This pigeon is no more. He has ceased to be. He’s expired and gone to meet his maker. He’s a stiff. Bereft of life. He’s kicked the bucket. This… is an ex-pigeon.

4. Raw liver at Al Mandaloun

DIFC (04 363 7474)

Fresh strips of bloody raw offal that might go nicely with some fava beans and a nice Chianti – slurp.

5. Troyka steak at Troyka

Ascot Hotel (04 359 5908)

Hidden among chicken and beef steaks lurks a cow’s tongue – replete with taste buds – that’s oddly reminiscent of a human’s own lapping equipment. A bit of a mouthful.

6. Halo halo at Pinoy Grill

Rigga Street (04 222 2225)

Unlikely looking biohazard spillage of shaved ice, jackfruit, red and blue jelly cubes, sweetcorn, mung beans and mashed purple yam. Handle with care.

7. Lamb’s testes at Xiao Wei Yang
Baniyas Road, Deira (04 221 7177)

Skewered, lightly grilled, slightly crispy and texturally fluffy testicular treats guaranteed to bring a tear to many a sympathetic gent’s eye.

8. Atlantide at Pax
Dusit Dubai (04 343 3333)

Icy shavings of raw monkfish, swordfish and tuna with the texture of sorbet. Odd.

9. Wheatgrass shot at ZEST

Ibn Battuta Mall (04 368 5460)

Packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, wheatgrass can supposedly beat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hair loss. Shame it tastes like a football pitch.

10. Pacha (boiled sheep’s head) at Al Baghdadi Home

Al Muteena Street (04 273 7069)

There’s no way of dressing it up – so they don’t bother. This no-frills casserole of mangled sheep’s head (tongue, teeth and all), stomach and legs looks like what happens when a lamb has an argument with a rocket launcher.

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