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We test the jockey's knowledge of all things food-related. Can he match up to his reputation?

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If champion jockey Frankie Dettori opened a saddle shop, some stables or a clothing emporium for diminutive sportsmen, it’d be understandable – but what qualifies him to open up a restaurant? It’s the burning question on everybody’s tomato-sauce spattered lips. To find out if the ex-team captain on British TV quiz A Question Of Sport really knows anything about food, James Brennan turned the tables and grilled the sporting great on a range of culinary matters.

OK, you’ve done Question Of Sport
– how about a Question Of Food? Can you answer the following ten questions?

Yeah! I’m ready.

1) I want a soft-boiled egg – how long should I boil it for?
Two minutes.

Incorrect . It’s an ostrich egg, so we’re talking at least 45 minutes.
Ha ha! No, no, no…

OK, I’ll give you some easy ones…
2) Eggplant or aubergine?
It’s the same thing isn’t it? I call it aubergine.

Correct . Eggplant is what they say in the U.S. Naturally, in terms of pharmaceutical advancements the Americans are second to none, but when it comes to vegetables they don’t know what they’re talking about.

3) Name the Italian chef who invented carpaccio.

No . It was named after Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio, but Guiseppe Cipriani invented it at Harry’s bar in Venice. It was created for the Contessa Amalia Nani Mocenigo in 1950, who said her doctor had forbidden her from eating cooked meat.
Well, carpaccio sounds like an Italian name so I said carpaccio. I really didn’t know.

4) Two thirds of the world’s coffee comes from:
a) Italy
b) Brazil
c) Sharjah

Correct .

5) What was the Margherita pizza named after?
a) Margaret Thatcher
b) Queen Margherita of Italy
c) Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood
d) A tub of margarine

I’ll go for Queen Margherita. But that was only a guess! I didn’t know.

Well, you’re right .

6) Which of the following will you never find in antipasti?
a) prawns
b) pasta
c) cheese
d) horse

Correct . Because pasta is a main course and antipasti comes before that.

7) Which came first to Italy – spaghetti or rice?
Spaghetti came from China with Marco Polo. So, rice. I’ll guess rice. Is it rice?

No . Apparently rice was introduced in the 15th century, which was after Marco Polo brought home the spaghetti. So, spaghetti is the correct answer.

8) If you eat celery, will you gain calories or lose them?
There are zero calories in celery.

I'll give you that one . In fact, it takes more calories to eat celery than celery actually contains – so you lose calories.

9) What’s the main ingredient used to make Tuscan ‘ribollita’ soup?
Oh, it’s cabbage.

Correct , which kind?

No . It's black leaf cabbage or cavolo nero from Italy. But it is cabbage, so I’ll let you have that one.

10) Where is Gorgonzola from?
Erm…from Italy… in Bologna.

No , it’s from Gorgonzola.
Oh, the town?

Yes. Frankie Dettori, you scored six out of ten .
I did alright didn’t I – are you surprised? I cook a lot, so I really enjoy it.

OK, thanks, I’ll see you at the races. Or maybe in a bar somewhere.

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