Best chocolate eclairs

We treat our taste buds to the best chocolate eclairs in Dubai

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Vivel Patisserie

Opposite Jumeirah Beach Park in the La Plage building (04 344 3232)
Box of éclairs, Dhs60

You have to phone ahead to order these babies, but it’s worth the trouble. Time Out descended on Vivel Patisserie’s éclairs like a pack of hungry hyenas. Bite-sized and creamy, the éclairs are encased in a delicate pastry exterior. Though they weren’t exactly chocolate as I had requested (more a vanilla flavour), they still managed to send murmurs of appreciation around the office.


various locations
Single éclair, Dhs1

These miniature concoctions tasted like cardboard encasing a tasteless foam cream. The standard chocolate version was bad enough, but the fruit filled version (Dhs1.75) was even worse: decorated with a slice of limp, pulpy kiwi fruit and another unidentifiable fruit-based mess. If you spot these little terrors in a buffet, give them a wide berth.

Café Pronto

Fairmont Dubai (04 332 5555)
Single éclair, Dhs25

Admittedly, the price tag for one of these mammoth pastries is extreme, and the presentation leaves a lot to be desired, but the taste of these lighter than air concoctions is an absolute dream. Inside the cloud-like shell are macerated strawberries and a mixture of crème Anglaise and whipped cream. Result? The entire sweet was devoured in under a minute. As the éclair was a special of the day, it might be an idea to check it’s on the menu before arriving.

Paul Patisserie

BurJuman Centre (04 351 7009), Deira City Centre (04 295 8404), Mall of the Emirates (04 341 4844), Mercato Mall (04 344 3505)
Single strawberry éclair, Dhs10

If the thought of an éclair without chocolate is like a Frenchman without onions, then this offering from Paul will disappoint. If, on the other hand, you like your choux pastry on the rather more austere side – with a light crème Anglaise and fresh strawberry halves dotted along its length – then this will do nicely.

Paul Patisserie

Single coffee éclair, Dhs10

We wanted to like this. Really, really, wanted to like it (we like coffee, we like cake – putting them together sounded like the pastry equivalent of the perfect capsule wardrobe). But, sadly, we didn’t. The choux was dry, the coffee icing over-sweet and the custard-cream filling neither suitably custardy or creamy. Shame.

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