Best mango lassi

Fruity, frothy and fantastic - Mango Lassi is one of the world's best inventions. Time Out tracks down Dubai's finest.

Dubai’s best dishes

Baithal Ravi

This Indian/Pakistani joint seems to be constantly packed out – always a good sign when selecting a noshery for the evening. We ordered a couple of lassis to accompany our dahl and within minutes, a waiter slapped two festive looking cups on our table. Usually we find pictures of children skipping and holding balloons on our dinnerware somewhat disturbing, but we forgave the zany choice, because the lassis were particularly moreish. Thick, cool, and smelling sweetly of slightly overripe mango, they went down like a dream. The only fault we could think of was there could have been a teensy bit more yoghurt mixed in, to calm the palate after a fiery Indian feast.

Baithal Ravi, Al Musalla Road, Bur Dubai, opposite Al Mansour Video (04 352 8090).

Karachi Darbar

Whether ordering in or eating out, you can’t beat the service at this dependable chain. After gorging on a plate of fluffy biryani, we whetted our palettes with one of the sweetest, freshest mango lassis we’ve ever had. Occasionally, chunks of perfectly ripe mango travelled their way up through the straw, acting as an added, unexpected treat. While some lassis can have a somewhat anaemic texture, not so with Karachi Darbar’s variety, which was ideally thick and creamy.

Karachi Darbar, Omar Bin Al Khattab Road, near Fish Roundabout, Deira (04 224 9594). Other locations: Karama, near Fish Market (04 3374 7272), Bur Dubai (04 353 3177)

Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant

We can’t say we loved the buffet at this large, stark cafeteria-style haunt, which veered towards over-salty and grease-laden, but we were rather smitten with the mango lassi. This little beverage defied our perception of what mango lassis are supposed to taste like. We’re not sure if it was the venue’s use of alphonso mangos as the base, or perhaps if the fruits were a bit overripe, but the overall effect was a sweeter, mustier, more perfumed version of our favourite yoghurt drink.

Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant, Bur Dubai, opposite New BurJuman Centre (04 397 7070)

Ravi’s Restaurant

Dhs4 for a sweet lassi
You would think the best-known Pakistani restaurant in Dubai would have a mango lassi, but, they don’t. Imagine our frustration, then, when after finally getting a taxi to take us the Satwa café, we were affronted with their lack of beverage options. We settled for a sweet lassi that, granted, was appropriately gooey and syrupy, but wasn’t quite enough of a concession. The frustration unfortunately does not end there, as the restaurant’s inconvenient location meant a long wait for a cab back home.

Ravi’s Restaurant, Between the new mosque and Satwa roundabout, Satwa (04 331 5353)

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